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arromdee: This seems like Highly Visible Ninja to me. This trope claims that the difference is that the ninjas are simply so good that their color doesn't matter, and they don't do stupid non-stealthy things like fight in groups of 20. But if you look at the examples in Highly Visible Ninja, they include a lot of examples who are simply brightly colored ninjas and don't do anything stupid either. Highly Visible Ninja even includes two examples, Naruto and Power Rangers, that are also listed here--if this was really a separate trope you'd never see the same character in both places.

I'd say merge this with Highly Visible Ninja.

Indigo: The discussion before launch supported this being a separate trope. The Power Rangers one is not true across the board. Some Rangers are Highly Visible Ninja [such as the ones who end up with crowds and supporters cheering them on], some are Technicolor Ninjas [who don't have that]. So it's plausible for the same show to have examples of both.