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Shire Nomad: I still don't like this title: we've already got Talking To Themselves and Talking to Himself, so the potential for confusion is vast.

Adam850: Don't forget Gollum in LOTS! I don't have time to add it now.

Morgan Wick: I think there should be an official rule in YKTTW, unless a name has been debated on forever there must be a consensus for a trope name, and if there isn't and the time has passed there better not be a significant group against it.

Shazzbaa: Can there be some kind of distinction that these are separate alters speaking to each other *with the body's voice* ? Because some multiples are, in fact, co-conscious, and *do* have selves that communicate with each other — it's just typically internal.

Jesin: I just came in here to point out that some people with Dissociative Identity Disorder *do* actually talk among their identities, but in their heads, not out loud. (It seems that Shazzbaa has already said this.)