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  • Of course, sometimes superheroes and their sidekicks really are this way. For instance, from Batman: The Animated Series, about someone who turns out to be sympathetic:
    Robin: (Watching episodes of Baby Doll's old TV show) You remember when Poison Ivy had us tangled up in those vines? The ones with the REALLY big thorns?
    Batman: Yes.
    • How does that count? She's sympathetic, yes, but she was still (among other things) kidnapping people. And a quick joke about how her show wasn't any good does not amount to Super Dickery.
Because I agree with the previous speaker.
Zeke: Removed:
  • Characters written by Judd Winick occasionally engage in superdickery, largely due to the fact that Judd Winick is a better writer than he is a reader, and will sacrifice long-standing characterization for the sake of a plot he came up with.
As far as I know, that's true, but it's not an example. Characters actually being dicks isn't what the trope is about.

Maybe we could find a better quote?
Innocent Bystander: Superman—don't just sit there! Stop that thing before it wrecks Metropolis!
Superman: That's just what I'm waiting for it to do!

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