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Apparently someone forgot that Gilgamesh's legend predates steel weapons. Whoops.

I don't see how this negates that.

  • Magneto. Even though he was pretty powerful to start with, nowadays he has any power that can possibly be rationalized as a rubber-science application of electromagnetic force. Wormholes, invisibility, telepathy...

Wormholes only appeared once while the Scarlet Witch's reality-warping was affecting him, telepathy only appeared once or twice in the Silver Age, and I've never seen invisibility.

Pk Mario: That's because he was invisible, duh.
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Haven: Took out these two rants, because they were barfy Walls of Text and because they had little or nothing to do with the Avatar entry, as nothing in them changed the fact that the Avatar has control of all four elements.

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[1] I created the Laconic version (HAX!!), but I don't really think it fits. Any better one?