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Nornagest: Actually, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't poison yourself by sucking it out, especially if you spit rather than swallow thereafter. Snake venoms tend to be large, complex organic molecules that wouldn't make it through the digestive tract intact. The rest of the objections are true as far as I know, but that just makes it ineffective, not dangerous.

TBeholder: The point is, most random injections don't hit major blood vessels, only soft tissues. In such cases it's possible to remove some part of venom before it absorbed by tissues or blood. Most snake venoms won't be absorbed in mouth without erosions or wounds. Some cobras can poison by spitting, so their poisons can be absorbed by mucous membranes. But it's by far less dangerous than injection of full dose anyway. And even in case mucous membrane is damaged poisoning can be prevented by placing condom thin rubber or plastic film between wound and mouth. I even saw such recommendation in survival guide (Volovich). BTW, other "folk remedies" are much worse. Tourniquet does not helps: tests on rabbits revealed that ligation even accelerated death, as it raises permeability of tissues. Drinking alcohol is old method, but it seems that though it works as tranquilizer, this mostly leads to cumulative or even synergistic poisoning, depending on venom.

Donraj : Could someone tell me exactly which Sherlock Holmes story that happened in?

Can'tRememberMyName: Snake bite kits do come with pumps for drawing out any potential poison...