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Morgan Wick: Anyone else who's seen the Subway ads where someone appends a Subway product to a child's lullaby, but calls it "Subway Restaurants", thus throwing off the rhythm just like "Band-Aid Brand", want to add it, if it's worth adding, which it is because There Is No Such Thing as Notability?

Wulf: I say go for it. I've heard radio commercials for Ovaltine (Nesquick knockoff), that always refer to it as "rich chocolaty ovaltine", but I'm not sure if that fits here?

HeartBurn Kid: Taking these out as they're really bad examples; the GNU/Linux thing is rather complicated and political but has nothing to do with brand identity, and referring to individual distros is mostly because different distros are practically different OS's altogether (about the only thing that many share in common is the kernel).

  • There are apparently people around whom you should never call GNU/Linux "Linux".
    • This one is actually more complicated and not exactly an example of this trope, but this editor can't think of a way to explain it without pissing of either of the two camps. Read The Other Wiki's article if you care.
    • A better example of this trope would be Linux distro partisans who always make sure to specifically tell you "I use Debian" or "I use Ubuntu".