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Tojo: I'm really surprised that "I don't think this is a good idea" is not on this list. Should it be added

Phantom Airplane: I am about to start a page called We've Got Company. But will yield to superior experience (that's all of you).

Looney Toons: "Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong" is already listed under Other Stock Phrases; if someone actually writes a page for it we can put it here.

Silent Hunter: So We Meet Again as a Stock Phrase anyone?

Ack Sed: Can't believe there isn't an entry for Theres No Such Thing yet.

Pro-Mole: Pardon the intromission, but why do we ever have red links in this list? Wouldn't it be better to put it under the Other Stock Phrases and later write the article?

Lale: No one would. Better way to get noticed.

Sci Vo: Moved the Other Stock Phrases and Viewer Stock Phrases links up to the top, where more people will actually see them.

How are "Stock Phrases" related to Snowclones? These are MUTABLE Stock Phrases such as "In space, no one can hear you X." Where X is replaced with something relevant/humorous in place of the original "scream". Snowclones probably originated with one clever manipulation of a famous line which was becoming cliche. When the MANIPULATION of the phrase becomes cliche, then it is a Snowclone. There are several entertaining lists available online. I, for one, welcome our new cliched overlords.

Indigo: I'm gonna add "I Can't Believe A Guy Like You Would Notice Me" — any objections?
Oonerspism: Sweet tapdancing Jesus, this list is long. Does anyone object to folderizing alphabetically?

Oonerspism: On second thought, I have no idea if anyone will see this any time soon. I'm going to go ahead and folderize, if anyone objects then revert it.

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