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Shouldn't the Batman link take you to the page on The Animated Series? I'm not even sure Commissioner Gordon existed in Adam West's universe.

BT The P: Yes, it should; but also, yes he did. Adam West's Batman didn't do anything stealthy or subtle around Gordon, or any other time really, but Gordon was in every episode of the old series. If you had any good memories of the show, you'd remember. The red phone under the glass case in his office, calling up the Batcave, Batman and Robin taking the stairs to meet with him and Chief O'Hara — good times.

Semiapies: What about characters who simply vanish that way, say whenever even a momentary obstruction (bus, car, person) appears between them and a camera? At the "petty" remark, I thought of CYF's character in The Replacement Killers who made a point of vanishing from sight whenever he went away from someone - to the point of pulling a disappearance after saying goodbye to the female lead in an airport at the end of the movie

Elihu: Alright, we know have multiple examples in the real life section that say pretty much the exact same thing, and I suspect we will have more eventually. What to do?

Kenb215: I trimmed the number down somewhat.

Ladeeda: Just out of personal interest, what was Fat Batman's first name? The description sounds like someone I know.

Air Of Mystery: Does anyone have any tips for doing this successfully in Real Life? (I've done it at least once, but that was somewhat of a fluke.)

Haven: Stealth Hi works best if you come in from a distance, keeping their line of sight in mind the whole time. Even if they're looking right at you, if they're paying attention to something else and you approach fairly slowly you probably won't register until you're really close (depending on the "target", of course).
Stealth Bye, as a bit of Fridge Logic reveals, basically requires you to be a dick. Either wait for them to look away from you, or find a way to subtly misdirect them (e.g. look over their shoulder and wait for them to try to see what you're looking at, then sidle off). But if this is how you end a conversation, you're probably already willing to at least be a little bit of a dick, and if you pull it off, you might be able to excuse it with Rule of Cool.

Blayde: Might also want to try walking on the balls of your feet, your feet will make much less noise than that of heel-strikers. I do this naturally and seem to pull off accidental Stealth His with alarming frequency. Part of why I'm frequently called a Ninja.

Buttbutt: plant assumptions ahead of time. If your friends think you can't walk anywhere without your keys jingling loudly, they won't realize you're leaving if you silence your keys when you go. It's the same as Blayde said: if they expect you to walk loudly, and you don't, they won't get that extra mental cue telling them to pay attention to you.

Marluxia.Kyoshu: My brother does this, we've explained it away as 'He's just a fucking ninja.' He doesn't try to do it, you'll just be watching TV, look over at the couch, no one else there, turn back to the TV, then notice he's already sitting next to you and is halfway through his drink.