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Xander77: We should use this: for illustration purposes.
"Objective logic aside, "mundane" kills do indeed seem to annoy audiences."

Apart, maybe, from the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones, presented with an expert swordsman, does indeed "just shoot him".

Scifantasy: Yes, I'm surprised it wasn't put in, being such a classic. *click click* There, that fixes that.

Ununnilium: Source of diahrrea story: Snopes.

Sikon: I think the example with pirates sounds more like Lampshade Hanging.

Ununnilium: Took out:

  • Occured in Scary Movie 3. Following their performance at a rap battle, a group of rappers are met by a surprise cameo of Simon Cowell, who characteristically tells them that he thought their performance was "absolutely terrible", and goes on to state that no one in the room had even a hint of talent. Rather than customarily breaking to pieces or just standing there to take it, the rappers pull out their guns and cap him.

...because it has nothing to do with villains and overly complex death traps, or with a character pointing out genre blindness.

GMO: Took out

  • Parodied on The Simpsons in a sequence that depicts pirates burying treasure in Springfield hundreds of years ago. One of the pirates asks the captain if, instead of burying the treasure, they could use it to buy things. The pirate captain immediately shoots the upstart and orders the rest to continue digging.

As it indeed seems better employed somewhere else (it is spoofing a case of more or less irrational behaviour for the sake of having a plot, but does not really seem to fit well together with examples of sparing the main character from crude but effective ways of disposing of him/her or using roundabout measures for doing so).
Seth: Why was the page quote moved down into the examples section? It looks clunky there and it was fine where it was.
Pro-Mole: I wonder if in The Louse Detective episode of The Simpsons occurs a Double Subversion of this trope.

In the middle of the episode, Lenny, Carl and Moe suggests Sideshow Bob to just kill Bart "quick and clean". In the last scene, Sideshow Bob sneaks into Bart's Room and has the boy just in his hands — now there's a subversion — when he just discovers that isn't able to do this because he "grew up acostumed to his face".

Ununnilium: Eh, that last bit isn't a subversion, that's a different trope altogether.

Pro-Mole: I thought the trope was that he couldn't kill him, then apparently subverted and then the whole "impossible-to-kill-due-genre-blindness" thing just worked fine again.

Anyway, what's the trope, so?

Lale: Status Quo Is God?
Fly: Changed the Metal Gear Solid 3 example because The Fear wasn't lying.

What happened to the reference to Serenity? Operative: "I am unarmed...." Mal: Good! (shoots The Operative). —-
  • No More Heroes tries to subvert this in the true ending; As the ending starts up, Travis is on the toilet when he nearly meets his end:
    (Travis's bathroom door is smashed. Enter the assassin Garcian Smith
    Travis: Can't a guy get some privacy?! At least when he's taking a dump?!
    Assassin: I'm afraid not. These fights don't work like that. It's time to die, Mr. 1st Ranked!
    Travis: You gotta be shitting me!
    • He gets saved when another assassin, Travis' brother, Henry, cuts the first guy in half.

Emperordaein: Just a note here, that assassin was NOT [[Garcian Smith]]. Suda51 said so in an interview with the magazine N Gamer.

Unless this falls under another trope?

Goedie: Another classic for this trope: Roger Ramjet releasing Noodles Romanov after being explained that a cartoon without him wouldn't be any fun, followed by a scene where Roger and his Eagles wave Romanov goodbye.

—- Is that just an error on the colorist's part, or is Harley actually supposed to be nakie in that picture?