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Megan Phntm Grl: I think we should officially broaden the definition to include anyone, regardless of hero/villain status, who follows their love interest around without the love interest being aware of it, because while this trope was apparently created as a villain page, there are far too many sympathetic protagonists listed here to maintain that outlook.

_____ Kodachi Kuno from Ranma counts right?

Shire Nomad: A light-hearted and harmless example, but yes.

H. Torrance Griffin: Come to think of it, so does both her brother and Mousse. Ranma's other suitors are spared mainly because the title char is painfully wishy-washy about making his feeling clear over both them and his True Love.

Clevomon: I noticed that my example from Ask Dr. Rin! got deleted. If someone could just explain to me why, I'd appreciate it, only because as far as I can tell, I still don't see a problem with it. I might have made it too long and fangirl-ish (didn't mean to ^^), and if so, is it okay if I put it back in trimmed down?

Mark Lungo: Removed the following from Film because it was already covered in Western Animation:

  • The titular character of WALL-E, understandably-EVE's the first sentient being he's met in 700 years.

Nate The Great: Does the Cardcaptor Sakura example really count? It's not like Tomoyo was ever technically a stalker. Sakura wanted her around and considered her a friend. Yes, this is a one-sided crush, but hardly creepy behavior.