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The Laughing Fan: I've long longed to write an article about Squirrel Girl, so today I figured, why not write a tongue-in-cheek article about her, Just for Fun? In no way should the article be taken 100% seriously, which is the point of the article. I mean, just Flanderize her to heaven. I'll continue with the article in a later given time.

Gloating Swine: Probably belongs in the Comics namespace though.

The Laughing Fan: According to this blog this article of Squirrel Girl is perhaps TV Tropes finest achievement.

Skeppio: You know it's bad when the Squirrel Girl page can be considered our finest achievement...

Haven: More like, you know it's awesome. Also, I think that whatever Marvel's next "big event" is, it should end with Squirrel Girl saving the day Deus ex Machina-style. I mean, Norman Osborn is getting the Sentry on his side and apparently treating him with respect and everything, Squirrel Girl is probably the only way to counter that.

It seems a lot of people are confused about the whole Dr. Doom thing because they're unaware of an important fact: squirrels are gypsy kryptonite. I have some interesting theories on other persecuted groups they may work on, can anyone tell me whether she's defeated Magneto?

Mormon: This article is damn close to utter perfection. It has a perfect mix of entries made by people that think Squirrel Girl is the greatest thing that happend to comic books, and people who just want her to lie down and die.