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Erisian: Squick isn't a contraction because there's no apostrophe; it isn't a shortening of two words with the same meaning, it has a whole new meaning. Technically, it's a portmanteau, yes?


Looney Toons: Moved the following out of the main entry:

In general, used as a transitive verb ("Sorry, but getting tied down with licorice whips really squicks me") or an interjection. The noun usage cited here is new to me. — LT

I'm pretty sure that this originally referred to a specific disgusting sex act (having intercourse with, um, a non-natural orifice that had been made in another person), a la definition #4 at Urban Dictionary. I'm squicked just to admit that I know that. — Jerry Kindall

Usage shifts, it seems. The Urban Dictionary entry with the highest number of thumbs-up shows two noun forms and two verb forms. Usage of "squicky" as an adjective shows up a good bit in fanfic country, as well. Language. Got to love it. — Gus

Ununnilium: I use "squick" as a verb (as in, "That rape scene squicked me"), and I know others that do. I'd like that bit reinstated. `.`v

Ealasaid: I think the orifice bit should be reinstated (possibly with more detail, since squick refers to a fairly specifically-located non-natural orifice). I've always been under the impression that the term originated with the act, and was then broadly applied (cos really, who isn't squicked by that particular act?).

StrangeAngel: Re: the specifics of the orifice. OMG WTF WHYYYYYY?
Fast Eddie: Pulling two novellas worth of junk about fanfics. We get it. There are lots of squicky fanfics.

One particular nasty one was called The Engineer: Scorched Earth. No fandom is safe. If you've stumbled across stuff like that at one time, you know what I mean. Everyone else, count your blessings.
  • You rather mean "95% of", right??
  • Look for the rather more NSFW and brace yourself.
  • The fanfic "Celebrian", quite possibly is the worst example of this, giving an "alternate" account of what happened when Elrond's wife was kidnapped by the the end of the story, there are litres of bodily fluids being passed around.
    • Having read the squickfic in question, this troper would like to say that the closing paragraphs, in which an orc calculates the number of sexual favors the main character has performed over the course of her (elvishly long) life, somehow achieved a sort of hilarious So Bad, It's Good quality. But then, this troper has a very odd humor threshold.
  • This troper once heard about (but thankfully never read) one of these about Orochimaru and Konohamaru from Naruto. See how much brain soap it takes to get rid of that thought.
  • Just hearing that it EXISTS is bad enough, that this troper wants brain soap.
  • For most people, fanfiction involving sibling incest—yes, Simon/River, Luke/Leia and Nathan/Peter is out there...
    • To be fair, Luke/Leia was very nearly canon. Return of the Jedi really wasn't very good, was it?
    • Wadda ya mean Nathan/Peter is "out there"? Petrellicest is one of Heroes' most popular ships!
    • There's an entire genre of Harry Potter fanfiction known as "Weasleycest".
  • Let us not forget the increasingly common Sam/Dean Winchester Wincest.
  • "Elricest" in Fullmetal Alchemist fanfics and fanarts. Not to mention the oddly frequent Alphonse Elric/Alphonse Heiderich pairing, which amounts to how to draw Twincest while being able to argue it's technically different.
    • Supergirl/Power Girl femslash is likewise common. Considering that Kara and Karen are different versions of each other from two alternate universes, it's hard to say if this counts as sister/sister incest, twincest, masturbation, or something else entirely. In any case, the fact that Supergirl is underage and Power Girl isn't makes it illegal anyhow.
  • It gets worse you consider how many of the Zucest (Zuko/Azula) works involve both this and at least a hint of Gorn and/or Rape as Drama... it does not help that the detail about Azula being fourteen occasionally pops into your head.
  • How about fanfiction pairings involving inanimate objects? Doctor/TARDIS anyone? Not that I'd know.
    • Speaking of things that I've never read nuh uh never, this troper has seen a Saix/Clawfoot Bathtub fanfic. Granted, it was G-rated, so it may not count, but...A FRIGGIN' BATHTUB?!.
    • This troper has seen a couple images that jokingly pair up Chell and the companion cube from Portal.
    • Is that better or worse than pairing human characters with animals? Once you read the words "Karen/Charlie", you can't un-read them.
  • Transformers movie-verse Sam/Bumblebee slash.
  • How about fanfiction that has slash pairings between two kids? Like Codename: Kids Next Door or South Park? Actually, Fan Fic has a lot of Squick in general.
  • Most Oo C (Out of Character) Yaoi and slash, is truly disgusting when it involves a teenage boy and an adult man. Royx Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist anyone? FMA fandom is stock full of those for some creepy unexplained reason. It's not even the worst.Harry Potter Fanfic is buried in it.
  • Daria Fan Fic has several Squick-tacular entries, such as "Ragged Denim" (Trent/Jesse), "The Penetration of Stacy Rowe" (Stacy/the entire city of Lawndale, it seems) and the double-barreled entry of "Night of The Storm" (Daria/Quinn) and "The Winters of Those Gone Before" (Daria/Quinn, Helen/Quinn, Helen/Daria). To be fair, "Night of the Storm" was specifically written to become casus belli for a Flame War to give the writer chuckles a'plenty... and "Winters" is actually a very good novel-length fic.
  • Arguably, a large part of Kaori Yuki's Ludwig Kakumei revolves around Squick. We're talking about a necrophiliac prince who marries a psychopathic incestuous princess in the first chapter, for heaven's sake.
    • Actually, most of Yuki's work is pretty squicky.
  • The scene of the Gankutsuou manga where the Count French kisses Eloise de Villefort's corpse, her skin peels off, and she's reborn as a kind of Gankutsuou-vampire-thing-lady. They're both so mentally disturbed it becomes funny.
    • The scene of the manga in which Edmond becomes slowly insane in prison is one of the most disturbing things ever seen in a fictional work. What with the rape metaphors involving tentacles, metal tubes, human bones, and a demonic entity, the horribly graphic mangling of nekkid men, Edmond crumbling into pieces, Dali-style, with "I want to die!" written everywhere in the background? This easily qualifies as nightmare fuel on top of the high Squick factor.
  • As much as the Furry Fandom's rampant sexuality is exaggerated, there are plenty of fetishes written and drawn about in it for even furs to be squicked over. Seriously, as open-minded as this furry troper is, he still finds something that makes him want to poke his eyes out with a hot poker.
    • This furry troper has heard the fandom referred to as the "Building Block" fetish, in that furry, in it's more fetishistic aspects, is a fetish that is just a starting point for other fetishes to be grafted onto. Like LEG Os, which is a kind of a squicky comparison, actually.
    • Then there's the other fetishes that have nothing to do with furries, like Gorn. Like one that consists of a girl jumping out the window, and revealing that her grandfather molested her while cutting her toenails, purposely drawing blood, licking it off, then raping her. She decides she wants to live just before her brains splatter all over the sidewalk...while the grandfather, meanwhile, has masturbated himself to death. I am not making this up!

Cassy: Hey, you also removed a few real, worthwile examples.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Out of the fanfiction examples, "Celebrian" should be in there, at the very least. It's one of the most notorious fanfics of all time due to how ridiculously Squicky it is.
Kalle: Do we really need that many quotes? :P

Fast Eddie: nope. In fact, we don't need any, for this one. Please see Administrative Policy.
  • Awww... but I liked that Family Guy one... it was funny.

The HTML on the page is messed up. Could someone fix it, please? — Lime.
Radical Taoist: Okay, I give up trying to add this image to the page (potholed to Magic: The Gathering of course). Planned caption was "Well, that was useless."
Fast Eddie: Holy Crystal Dragon Jesus! You would think there would be some connection between being able to type natter and an ability to read the big, bold message at the top of the edit box that says don't do it. When did we start attracting idiots?

Freezair For A Limited Time: I'm not going to cut it, given that I don't know from whence the example stems, but I question the Beetlejuice/Lydia 'ship thing. How much of that shipping contigent is based on the cartoon instead of the movie? I grew up watching the 'toon, and had more or less no idea it actually stemmed from a movie until I was older.

Doyle: Maybe I'm missing context because I haven't seen the episode, but why is this Simpsons quote squicky?
  • Try this Marge Simpson quote on for size: "Food keeps my family happy, so I make a few practice dinners before showtime. 'Cause at six o'clock, we go live!"

Mullon: Does Squick have to be sexual in naure? Can it just be unsettling? Because I have an example that makes me creep out everytime I see, but I'm not sure it's really nightmare fuel.

Nornagest: I don't think we need to put quite so much emphasis on the etymology, especially since I'm pretty sure it's a back-formation in the first place. I've read the archives of some Usenet posts believed (by an unrelated FAQ, admittedly) to be the earliest known uses, and there's nothing about the alleged act involved.

On an unrelated note, I know this is a subjective trope, but this is still a stretch. Putting it here to keep my Fan Wank off the main page:

Come to think of it, the fact that Buffy's effectively a necrophile is enough to make you get out the brain bleach ...

Far be it from me to declare someone's hangups invalid, but it seems to me that if someone's walking around sentient, responsive, and un-decayed, you can't meaningfully call it necrophilia. If I remember right, Buffy's vampires were essentially an esoteric form of demonic possession, so I'm not even sure the subject would be dead in a technical sense — there's certainly enough biological activity going on for bloodborne toxins to work, for example.

Twin Bird: "We can do it softcore if you want / but you should know I take it both ways." might just be the proud bisexual in me talking...but I don't see the squick in this. At all. Especially not for the kind of person who would have bought that album in the first place (the track never having been released as a single). And it sure as hell doesn't meet the Administrative Policy of "only quotes that explain the trope." Adiós.

Cassy: Fast Eddie, why did you remove my example from the main page? I mean, I can see in retrospect why it sounds lie natter, but I think Hallucinations from the Womb is a real example, is really related to Naru Taru (it's the same mangaka, for crying out loud...) and I haven't seen it elsewhere on the page. I think you might have wanted to cut part of it and reformulate the rest. Anyway, since many of my examples got deleted from various pages in the last few days (and in many instances, I honestly have no idea why), I give up putting them back and as a matter of fact, I quit. I had a lot of fun on this Wiki for a while, but it's not worth spending so much time editing to see my examples get deleted or even to get insulted because So-and-So disagrees or because my favourite anime has a fervent hatedom here.

Fast Eddie: All I moved was some natter, and left a reason in the history. You overwrote it when you made your comment above.
Moved from Ask The Tropers:
>High Five: Hey, where'd all the examples for Squick go?

>Citizen: Um... Eddie decided that page didn't need any examples, apparently. Look at the history for that page.

>Freezair For A Limited Time: Action contested. The examples were hardly as out-of-hand, huge, and crazy as they were on other pages, and as far as I know, the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement wasn't being flagrantly violated.

>Fast Eddie: Hasty decision. Got ticked off by the volume of natter and the sheer one-upping squick-off it had been become. Asked myself does any of this matter? Then zapped it. If someone wants to restore the examples and clean them up, go for it. Can't see any point to it, myself.

>Rogue 7: I'm in favor of keeping it dead. Why do we really need the examples there?

>Mullon: Isn't the reason simply because we can? It is a Subjective Trope. What's next, getting rid of all the examples of Badass because it is not necessary?

Fast Eddie: It is not a "subjective trope." It just defines a term.

grendelkhan: I'm in support of putting it back there. The Real Life section alone made this page worth reading. Sure, it needs to be pruned every so often, but it's better, on balance, to have it.

Adrenfreak: ... because the page was wasting so much paper? I read this site for fun examples that sometimes lead me to worthwhile media to watch/read. Put the stuff back so people can read it. Bleh.

Nightraid I agree. itīs just not the same without the examples. Some of those were really interesting, such as the "most terrifying insects". And yes, i believe squick is HIGHLY subjective.

Crossword: I feel that the examples should be put back, as much of this whole place's charm lies in the amusing anecdotes and examples provided, and not as a soulless, overly strict place.

Nightraid Exactly! This used to be one of the most interesting pages of the entire wiki, now itīs just a dry definition of a term. One of the defining features of TV tropes is that it DOESNT try to be dry and formal and provide examples for tropes, especially one so common. So please Fast Eddie, stop deleting the examples for squick, even if they "serve no purpose", if only to make this page more interesting.

Felius Aye. The examples are all good here. I'm in favor of restoring the examples, and keeping them so...

The Stray: Somehow the squick page is locked to editing, so I put the emaples here for posterity. Let the squicking begin anew!


  • The ads for the Smile Train charity to help children with cleft lip and palate. Their marketing strategy is "Give us money and maybe you won't have to see these ads." The worst part of it is that said ads appear on this website and will probably start showing up now that this example is here.
  • A recent ad for Old Spice features a centaur talking about the titular products, making Incredibly Lazy Pun about him and the product being "Two things in one". The ad ends with a bathrobe-clad (human) woman arriving next to the Centaur, mentioning that he's a man and a ...provider. I did not need to think about that!
  • There is an ad for Burger King body spray that involves a HALF NAKED THE KING. Admittedly, this may be Nightmare Fuel, but it still grossed this Troper out.
    • One could make a compelling argument that hamburger-scented body spray is Squicky as is.

Anime and Manga
  • Pretty mild compared to most examples on this page, but being a kids' show, Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer deserves a mention. Resident obligatory bishonen Oujirou is seventeen years old. His love interest in the manga? Twelve. But wait, it gets worse. In the anime version, he's still seventeen, and his love interest is still twelve, but it's a different girl, and he's still getting over his first love: her mother. Throw in the fact that he offered to be her photographer, his stepbrother semi-stalks her and is also in love with her mother, and you know Freud would have a field day here. The anime company really outdid the original creators here... And they're CLAMP, for heaven's sake! To be fair, only Misaki's, Hatoko's and Ringo's ages were given in the manga. Oujirou could be twelve there for all we know. Not to mention, CLAMP generally writes for their audience. That relationship doesn't seem all that squicky if you happen to be a twelve-year-old.
  • For some people, the Interspecies Romance in Sailor Moon seemed pretty Squicky on its own. Now, some dubs made this even worse by giving Pegasus the voice of a thirty-something-year-old man (presumably, he is Really 700 Years Old, but his human form looks pretty young). In other words, an elementary school student having a crush on a winged unicorn who sounds like he's thirty is something you'd better not think too hard about...
    • Then again, Chibiusa herself is supposed to have an age in the triple digits... You know what? That doesn't help things one bit, does it?
  • In Narutaru, the emotionally stunted Akira Sakura (a middle school student) pressures her classmate Ishida to have sex with her in the nurse's office and loudly masturbates after he runs out. She'd always been pretty unbalanced, but this was one of the reader's first indications that she wasn't about to get better anytime soon.
    • There's also what Hiroko's Shadow Dragon, Oni, does to the Girl Posse who bullied her (and how they did that is pretty damn monstrous in its own right). Head bully Aki Honda gets worms forced down her throat after they crawl out its arms, making her stomach start to bulge (in the manga at least) and is then raped with the Shadow Dragon's finger, which has a long claw that pierces her stomach from the inside. In the anime, it appears that the worms fall out of her stomach through the hole; in the manga, though, Oni goes on to rip Aki's body in half at the waist.
    • If the above paragraph made you ill, you're better off not asking what happens in later volumes of the manga. Poor, poor Norio...
  • Depending on the fan, and their fetish, reactions to the various girls crushing on ten-year-old Negi Springfield in Mahou Sensei Negima!. While characters like Nodoka and Yue (who have developed feelings for the boy despite his age) or Makie (who acts as young as Negi is) are pretty tame, Ayaka's blatant Shotacon is pretty bad. Same goes for Evangeline and her crush for Negi based on being in love with his father Nagi, her being Really 700 Years Old, being a Japanese Vampire, and her obsession with Elegant Gothic Lolita style. So she's an ancient, elegant demon crushing on the son of the person she loves.
    • Yeah, but they're still kids as well, just slightly older kids. The relationship wouldn't be looked upon as strange if everyone was ten years older, so why now? I suppose this is why this is considered a "Subjective Trope".
    • For the non-yaoi fans, despite all the jokes and references made about Pactio dealing with Negi and the herd of girls in 3-A. If Nagi had a pactio with all members of Ala Rubera, the group is all males (including that pillar of macho, Rakan). Just to be fair, there are other ways of performing a Pactio, it's just that kissing is the fastest and most convenient method.
      • The most recent chapter has Negi making Pactios with everyone in Ala Alba for the purpose of making the team as strong as possible. Wonder what will happen when they realize that Kotaro hasn't made a Pactio yet...
    • Then there is the scene where Negi, under the control of a spell, french kisses Asuna. Don't worry about the age difference, just keep in mind the thought of any ten-year-old french kissing someone. And because of the spell, he did not really give her a choice.
      • Not to mention that recent manga chapters strongly imply that Asuna is his aunt.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. Rei is a teenage clone of Shinji's dead mother, created by his father in a failed attempt to resurrect Yui. She spends an inordinate amount of time naked with one of them or another. Don't think too hard about it. Wait, now! We almost forgot the part where Shinji sees a comatose Asuka in the movie and his Magic Missile goes off, If You Know What I Mean. Then there's all the Nightmare Fuel Unleaded.
  • Mai-Otome has two cases of child-adult relationships that eventually take on sexual connotations:
  • Almost the entirety of Volume 8 of Battle Royale.
  • Averted in the Hentai series Bondage Faeries: One of the secondary characters is a three hundred years old crone. A shot of her fully in the nude was censored in the name of humanity. Then again, the base material of these comics (faeries having sex with forest animals) probably counts as Squick to many...
  • Certain recurring elements in the works of Kenichi Sonoda. Gunsmith Cats has Minnie May, the 17-year-old ex-prostitute who's happy to revisit her old trade when the plot requires it. Her boyfriend - Ken - is 35, they first got together four years earlier, and she takes drugs so she can continue to look like she's about 10, because he likes it that way. (Her age was changed to 18 in the English translation, for some unfathomable reason.)
    • School Newspaper News Hound Akane from Cannon God Exaxxion looks about 10-11 (even though she'd have to be older than that, considering she's in high school) and often drawn in a decidedly FanService-minded way. One scene graphically shows her taking a leak. And then there's the sex scene with Hoichi later on — although she does look slightly more "developed" there, & he's only a year or so older than her.
    • While we're on the subject of Exaxxion, there's also Mad Scientist / Dirty Old Man Hosuke, who has a harem of Bridge Bunnies who are all MUCH younger than him (though they're all at least legal, thank god). Worse yet, their sexual relationship is described in very explicit detail. And to top it all off, a throwaway line at one point creates the implication that the girls have all been brainwashed to some degree. Granted, at least half of them are robots built by the mad scientist.
      • On the other hand, at least Hoichi's mother isn't, although she does have a robot duplicate. By the way, not only is she sleeping with Hosuke, he was Hoichi's biological father. The guy she married, Hosuke's other son? He got fed up with the affair and went on a rampage while testing the series' Powered Armor; the battery ran out while he had a huge crate over his head, terrible accident...
  • Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix: Nostalgia involves a woman who turns herself into a Human Popsicle so she can bear her newborn son's children when he comes of age, which is a bit less icky when you realize they're the only two humans on the planet. This goes on for several generations due to chemicals in the planet's environment which make it impossible for females to be born. Then, the titular bird leads a shapeshifting alien to the planet in order to help populate it, the one the alien takes as her husband is a huge, retarded guy and while they are able to have children, both male and female, the kids are deformed, with no eyes and an antenna that allows them to use telepathy instead.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, when Utena walks in on her best friend Anthy Himemiya in an extremely intimate situation in the living room with Anthy's own brother Akio, especially considering Utena and Anthy have recently come to live with Akio, and Utena has been developing a deep attraction to Akio, having once been passionately kissed by him. Anthy, on the other hand, is Utena's best friend and lover and they sleep in the same bedroom every night while holding hands. Creepy? One might need therapy after witnessing that.
  • Done deliberately in Shakugan no Shana with brother-sister villain duo Tiriel and Sorath, who are oblivious or otherwise ignorant to everyone else's revulsion of seeing them share open-mouth kisses in public. They're also both demons...
  • This Troper got a short bout of Squick when he watched SHUFFLE! after watching Suzumiya Haruhi, because he realized that Lisianthus' seiyuu was the same seiyuu of Kyon's sister. And we all know that Rin's seiyuu is also Kyon's seiyuu. Consider that for a moment.
  • Humongous Mecha anime will come and go, and Death Note may be the king of the Xanatos Roulette (arguably), but Code Geass will always be remembered as that show where that one time Nina Einstein masturbated with a table.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni contains a scene bordering on Squick and Nightmare Fuel Unleaded that can be summarized in one word: fingernails.
  • Berserk. Dear mother of God. If you're not prepared for the unholy terror that is this series, you won't make it out with your sanity. Let's start with everyone's favorite ending of an anime, where Griffith turns traitor on the people who just risked their lives to save him, becomes the fifth God Hand, Femto, and proceeds to rape Casca in front of Guts, while he's forced to watch! Yeah. And it can go much worse than this. Turns out Casca was pregnant! With Guts' and her child! Which is now corrupted. Which Griffith later uses to reincarnate his original body. What. The. Fuck. The fact that you can safely say that Guts running Slan through with the Dragon Slayer and blowing her top half off, only to accomplish giving her an orgasm, AND the fact that she was just a pile of troll intestines at the time, is the tip of the iceburg, means you are officially in "Fucked Up In The Head" Land. And it's still a fantastic manga. Somehow.

Comic Books
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. One can't help wondering if Alan Moore had a bet on to see how many people he could squick out while writing Vol 2. Hideously wrinkled geriatrics rutting on top of much younger women? Check. Ruining kids' book characters so you can never look at them in the same way again? Check. Death by sodomy? Check. He needs counseling!
    • Dude... would you really want to be the one to psychoanalyze Alan Moore? Can you imagine the Hannibal Lecture you'd be getting? You'd be out of your element, Donnie.
    • Credit to artist Kevin O'Neill for much of the squickitude within the League books. O'Neill's art was so grotesque that the Comics Code Authority of the 80's found his entire style objectionable.
  • The Walking Dead has some definite squickiness... Villain "The Governor" has captured some of our heroes, and one of them, a warrior woman named Michonne, bites his ear off upon the capturing. He pays her back by tying her up, beating and raping her every night for a week or so. Now keep in mind that before this, Michonne has already shown some signs of mental instability, so when she gets free, she goes after the Governer, and well... nails his genitals to a plank, takes a power drill to both his shoulders, cuts one of his arms off, cauterizes the stump with a blowtorch, rams a spoon up his butt, uses the same spoon to dig out one of his eyes, and cuts off what's left of his penis with her katana. Unsuprisingly, he's pretty miffed at the heroes after that.
    • Does that mean he survives that?!
      • Unfortunately, yes. Very, VERY unfortunately.
    • The Governor keeps a child zombie chained to the wall in his house, which supposedly is his daughter, and he mistreats it SO SEVERELY that the zombie actually goes past the "eat humans" instinct and actually tries for self-preservation! Plus, The Governor's TV sets, which consist of zombie heads (STILL "alive"!) inside fish tanks. If there is a god who grants troper wishes and a Walking Dead series is made, The Governor is Danny Trejo, PERIOD.
  • Empowered, generally a lighthearted work heavy on the Fanservice, has Willy Pete. Particularly squicky aspects of this fire elemental cannibal rapist include everything he has ever done.

Fan Fic

  • Funny Games (M. Haneke), both original and remake. That's pretty much the intent of the movie, really. What squicked this troper most is that so very special wink (almost tied with the rewind scene).
  • The Fly, 1986. Jeff Goldblum pulling out his fingernails and spraying pus everywhere. Huzzah. On the plus side, that movie also has Everything's Better with Monkeys. Actually, it's pretty safe to say that any film made by David Cronenberg is layered with Squick.
    • The scene where Jeff Goldblum is demonstrating the vomit drop technique also counts.
    • Crash (1996) features James Spader having sex with Rosanna Arquette. Not too gross, except that he's doing it to a vaginal-looking wound on her leg. And she enjoys it.
      • The book it's based on is full of this stuff.
  • The recent trailer for The Spirit features a voiceover stating the tagline of the film, with the squick turned up just a bit:
    "My city screams. She is my mother. She is my lover. And I am her spirit."''
    • Really, considering that the movie will be made by Frank "Bat*** Insane" Miller, it's a fair bet that this is only the beginning of the squick.
  • The entirety of the movie Slither.
  • The ballroom dream sequence in the movie Labyrinth becomes a lot squickier when you realize that, at the time of filming, Jennifer Connolly was fifteen and David Bowie was pushing forty.
  • Cabin Fever. Flesh-eating virus doesn't bunch your knickers? Then how about the scene where the male lead tries fingering his girlfriend under the blankets, but discovers he's fingering a bloody sore in her leg!
  • The interspecies mechanics that led to the Donkey/Dragon hybrid babies at the end of Shrek 2.
    • Hey, this is an American children's cartoon. There were no "mechanics", the stork must have brought them!
    • Probably same goes for Rotta The Huttlet in The Clone Wars although Jabba's will stated that he had no children.
  • Many, many scenes in The Dark Knight were cleverly edited to minimise the Squick and (miraculously) keep the film's PG-13 rating. Since Joker is pretty much the walking incarnation of Moral Event Horizon, this was an impressive achievement, especially considering we're talking such things as making a pencil 'disappear'...presumably straight into someone's eye, giving someone a Chelsea grin with a knife, and surgically implanting a bomb and a cell phone into someone's abdomen. However, no amount of editing was going to de-squick the revelation of Two-Face's gloriously skeletal half-a-mug.
  • Finding Neverland. There's plenty of evidence to suggest JM Barrie was a paedophile, so making a chocolate boxy film starring Johnny Depp is more than inappropriate. And how about that tagline? "The story of a boy who grew up too soon ... and the man who taught him to LOVE." Ugh.
    • This may be a case of Your Mileage May Vary. It's just as easily read as a story about imagination, childhood, innocence, and a pure, unselfish kind of love.
  • Star Wars. This is too infamous to require much explanation, but Leia's line "Somehow I've always known." If she did genuinely always know, why did she kiss and flirt with Luke in the first film? Ewwwww.
    • Not to mention "the kiss" in the medical ward from The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Jabba The Hutt. Nuff said.
  • Anything involving John Waters.
  • The whole wedding scene in Beetlejuice. There's just something disturbing about a corpse marrying a 16 year-old girl. Even more disturbing is the fact that there are fans who DO support Beetlejuice/Lydia.
    • Strictly speaking, Beetlejuice was a ghost who could take material form at will. O.K., not much better...
  • Face/Off. The Surgery....
  • The 90's comedy Nothing but Trouble is a non-stop squickfest. There are many scenes like this such as the hot dog dinner scene and the scene where the judge (Dan Akyroyd) is seen peeling off his nose and upper lip.
  • The Nutty Professor movies with Eddie Murphy have a ton of this stuff. The transformation scenes for starters.
  • In Treasure Planet, the main character's mother looks to be no older than he is. Early in the movie he makes some "comforting" gestures that take on a new meaning when you leave aside the fact that she's his mother, then get really squicky when you consider the fact that they take on new meaning because no one comforts their mother with those gestures.
  • The House of Yes, despite Parker Posey as the antagonist, is completely based on a squick premise.
  • Happiness includes a character drugging his family in order to rape a school friend of his young son. In a notably squick-laden moment, he reassures his son that he would never have sex with him, just his handsome young friend. Also includes a dog licking up the son's ejaculate, and the father masturbating in public while reading "Tiger Beat magazine".
  • Numerous Farelly Brothers movies. In Something About Mary there's the infamous hair gel scene.
  • The entirety of the Ivan Reitman comedy Junior is based around this. Arnie's character experiments on himself and ends up giving birth to a baby boy. This was later parodied in an episode of Big Wolf On Campus where Merton gives birth to an alien baby.
  • the Nightmare On Elm Street series has this on numerous occasions, mostly in their Nightmare Dream sequences. One notable one is the Pizza Hut one where a poor person is turned into a piece of pepperoni with a face on it and put on a pizza slice and then eaten by Freddy. "If the food doesn't kill you the service will".
  • Old Boy. Especially the ending.
  • The "fanservice" in the horrible film version of Howard the Duck. When The Nostalgia Critic watched it, he himself was squicked out too.
  • Fido. Specifically, the romantic subplots in Fido. One of which combines pseudo-bestiality, adultery resulting in a pregnancy, and necrophilia in one squicky package.
    • The third Austin Powers film, Goldmember, also featured a character who devoured his old skin flakes.

  • Anita Blake spends most of her time boinking men. That's not squicktastic, really — what's squicky is the fact that all of these men have been so damaged that they're incapable of having a real relationship. She also forces them to be faithful to her despite the fact that most of them are obviously gay, and her favorite bonktoy is a pitiful dishrag who acts like a sexually-abused five-year-old, asks her to read him bedtime stories before they have sex, and calls her his "favoritest toy." She also has sex with a swan, with werecreatures in furry form, and likes to perform oral sex on guys who aren't, um, up to the job yet.
    • The Merry Gentry series also has the heroine happily talking about boinking a tiny, timid, naive, childlike faerie.
    • Additionally someone did measurements for one of the "well-endowed" guys in her series, and his penis is the size of a two-liter soda pop bottle, exactly! And he's not the biggest. Ouch.
  • Urban Fantasy author Sunny seems to really, really love rape and sex with men who are either suffering from fourth degree burns, are out of their minds, or have their guts hanging out of their sides.
  • Most of the "erotic" urban fantasy right now suffers from this, since every man in it has a penis the side of a baseball bat but much thicker. Apparently women are supposed to love this.
  • Jane Austen. No, really. In Emma, there's a pretty big age gap between the heroine and her love interest, which there's nothing inherently wrong with, but if you consider that they've actually known each other since he was sixteen and she was a baby... and of course there's that bit where Mr Knightley finally declares his love for Emma and ruins a suitably epic, romantic speech by telling her how he held her in his arms when she was a baby... eww.
  • The Stone Diaries has the same type of Squick, only on purpose.
  • In The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope, Roger, a deeply likable character, has this same sort of attraction to his cousin Henrietta. Roger's best friend Paul does point out the inherent unhealthiness of such a match, and ends up marrying the girl himself.
  • The king of high-class squick, by far, has to be the Marquis de Sade, from whose name we get the word "sadism." His entry on the Moral Event Horizon page is very well deserved.
    • Funnily enough, his books are pretty boring and actually almost tame (and borderline comical) by today's definitions. Just goes on to show that humanity can really improve on anything.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has a lot of really graphic descriptions of less-than-desirable sex, food, and wounds. And a woman who breastfeeds her five-year-old son. The most infamous of these is probably the scene in A Storm of Swords in which Jaime is re-united with his twin sister Cersei. The two have sex. In a church. On the altar. Next to the body of their recently deceased son. Compared to that, the fact that they smeared Cersei's menstrual blood all over the altar in the process seems almost trivial.
    • We didn't need to hear a detailed description of Tyrion's penis. We really, really didn't. Why, George, why?
    • A Feast For Crows brings us the joys of Samwell Tarly's 'ridiculous pink mast'. Not especially squicky in the context of the book, but given the character in question and the nature of the descriptions...
  • In the Obsidian Trilogy, one major character does a Heroic Sacrifice to help win the war against the bad guys. Human, she had an elf lover, who of course would live We Are as Mayflies; this was one of the early points of contention in their relationship. However, at the very end of the last book, the protagonist discovers she's been reincarnated, as an elven baby. While it's mentioned that elves mature as quickly as humans do and just stay alive a lot longer, the fact that her lover is already planning what he'll do in "eighteen years"...
  • Any story that has Vagina Dentata, or a toothed vagina. YAY for Nightmare Fuel!
  • Chuck Palahniuk is good at producing squicktastic scenes, particularly in Haunted.
  • The Town by Bentley Little. Features a very graphic account of a woman giving birth to a saguaro cactus (with a face and limbs as well), an extremely detailed subplot involving how one of the main characters is sexually attracted to his sister (starting with him accidentally getting an upskirt view of her and climaxing (ahem) with him climaxing into a pair of her stolen panties), and the end rampage, where the main character starts thinking all the women in his family are whores, and thus shoots his daughter (the one lusted after by her brother) up the crotch with a shotgun.
  • Lord Raith of The Dresden Files asserted his dominance over his family by killing his sons and sexually enslaving his daughters. What's even worse is that after Papa Raith's spiritual castration, Big Sis Lara likely assumed his place in the bedroom. On that note, we also have good old, really old, Nicodemus and his young daughter, Deidre, who genuinely seem to love each other. Wonder how the wife took it. Maybe that's why her Denarian-form is that of a giant mate-eating insect.
    • Worth pointing out that Wifey is a textbook case of Really 700 Years Old, looking in her teens (in human form) and being willing to offer herself up to strangers if it gets her what she wants.
  • Gravity's Rainbow has very graphic descriptions of BDSM, coprophilia and the suggestion of father-daughter incest between two characters. Oh, and a guy being castrated.
  • Those of a more sensitive nature might require Brain Bleach just from hearing a plot summary of the most recent Twilight installment. Fridge Logic kicks in mighty quickly: the fact that not only did Jacob Black (the 'thinking girl's alternative' to Edward, the romantic hero) fall in LOVE with Bella's vampire fetus, but this 'baby', though growing to the age of 20 and stopping there at an accelerated rate and supposedly having the INTELLIGENCE of a 20 year old, will not be as emotionally developed as one and will be SEVERELY developmentally screwed up. At best, we get River Tam, at worst, we have a horrifically mentally damaged savant with the mind of a child - and she will be that way FOR ALL ETERNITY. Imagine reasoning with someone with the rational age of a college student - not the most rational of folk to begin with - and the emotional age of a young child, and explaining to it why mommy and daddy are ripping apart that poor bobcat and drinking its blood for sustenance... oh yes, and werewolf Jacob Black, though he will age as much as any ordinary mortal, will still be lusting after her uncontrollably. And if the thought of Edward and Bella having sex doesn't squick you, nothing will. You'd think it'd be like screwing a popsicle, but apparently no~o...
    • No he won't. Werewolves Spirit wolves don't age as long as they keep their spirit forms. It's somewhat of a matter of choice for them, which makes having an immortal bride perfect for Jacob.
    • Also, if I recall correctly, Nahuel (the other half vampire/half human hybrid found by Alice late in Breaking Dawn) seemed fairly well-adjusted and mature, given that he never got to know his mother and was raised only by his aunt. If anything, Renesmee has it really good in comparison - still has mommy around and a huge family who will support her in everything she needs.
    • No to mention this is a supernatural setting so the rules of reaching maturity can and are diferent than ours. Edward was sexually repressed for almost his entire vampire life and in less than two years he managed to mature enough on that aspect to consumate his relationship with Bella. Rosalie managed to get over her decades old baby blues with the birth of Reneesme on mere days and Nessie was reading Tennyson when she was the equivalent of a two years old, so chances are that her growth on every aspect will accelarate. It's only squick if you think Smeyerpires and Smeyerwolves are real and walking among us.
  • Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is about a constantly self-justifying pedophile who appears to see nothing wrong raping a twelve-year-old. It's first-person-narrated by the pedophile and written in the most beautiful way possible. The resulting cognitive dissonance makes it squick-incarnate, and almost impossible to read.
    • The only dissonance is between the way the author intended to make the pedophile come off (repulsive) and the way he actually comes off (sympathetic).
      • Furthermore, it's only a dissonance if you let yourself get suckered by a pedophile. Good job, guys.
  • The Thornbirds. Its (anti) hero Ralph de Bricassart is a priest (and later Cardinal) who is madly in love with Meggie, a young woman who first became his protegee aged nine. To make matters still worse, Meggie's brother Frank has barely disguised Oedipal yearnings, their aunt Mary Carson lusts after Ralph despite being in her sixties/seventies ... Lovely.
  • Anything by VC Andrews. The rule seems to be 'It's okay to sleep with family members provided they're blond, gifted and gorgeous'. Her books run the gamut of incarceration, dead brothers in trunks, child gang rape, amputees ... Whatever was going on in her head?
  • The Lord of the Flies abounds with squick, but one scene stands out especially; when the hunters, led by Jack, slaughter a sow. The scene is frighteningly descriptive with plenty of disturbing sexual references.
    • This troper was more bothered by the implication that, had that guy not turned up to save the day, Jack and his cronies would have eaten Ralph ...
  • This troper once found an old cookbook called Unmentionable Cuisine. A decent enough idea, the book was about saving money by eating unusual meat; insects, reptiles, rodents, small birds, etc. But then the squick hit the fan in the last chapter, which was about parts of animals which aren't usually eaten, and proudly presented a recipe for herring sperm.
  • The entirety, in fact the mere concept, of Shaun Hutson's novel Slugs.
  • Warrior Cats. Cats giving birth. On more than one occasion. Yeah.

Live-Action TV
  • The To Catch a Predator segments of Dateline NBC.
  • Anything made by Derren Brown.
  • Forever Knight had its share of squick moments. Top amongst them is: "Mother, daughter, lover... why can't I be all three?" Pretty squicky all by itself, but when you know it was said to this guy by a teenage girl? Even he was squicked! Squicked enough to cut her head off and leave her buried for 2000 years or so.
  • A Clean House Comes Clean episode (a behind the scenes episode that replaces the characters' normally simple enough natural performances with Infomercial-level scriptedness) featured Go-To-Guy Matt having Interspecies Romance. At the end of the episode, Matt gets a page from the monitor lizard, it's time for their regular checkers date.
  • Depending on your point of view, Supernatural either depends on this or Gorn. Well, come on now, what do you call having Jensen Ackles take his shirt off only to have his skin torn off/his teeth falling out?
    • It's squicky, just how much the brothers are obsessed with each other's sex life. Sam obviously thinks Dean is a massive slut who is only capable of having one night stands but seriously, dude, "The Magnificent Seven"? Most guys would want to get as far away as possible if their older brother was having visible sex.
    • It's more of a emotional thing but in "All Hell Breaks Loose", when Dean was begging the Crossroads Demon to bring Sam back and taking whatever time she would give him, you couldn't help but feel dirty. The closest example to real life would be Sam in jail and him whoring himself out to raise the bail money. Sure, it's a nice thing to do but oh so very degrading.
    • A huge one in "Lazarus Rising": Sam is either having sex with Ruby (and remember, Ruby is a demon so he's technically raping her host's body) or doesn't care that she's possessing an innocent girl who he had just had casual, no-strings-attached sex with. Either way, the implications are pretty sickening.
      • Even the information recently given that Ruby's current host was a brain-dead coma patient that the doctor's pulled the plug on only marginally lessens this.
    • While Dean's demon-possessed Grandpa leaning in far too close and sniffing his neck was more of the sickhotwrong variety, Mary's making out session with her dead, demon-possessed Dad to seal her deal to bring John back from the dead and pretty much doom her family was pure 100% squick.
    • "Metamorphosis"... just "Metamorphosis". The Monster of the Week snapping Travis's cast, taking a bite out of Travis's neck, getting almost orgasmic over Dean's blood, eating all that raw hamburger meat... Excuse me while I go throw up.
  • Used for humorous effect in Stargate SG-1 when Teal'c says "I would prefer not to consume bovine lactose at any temperature." Pointing out that every day most people do drink the fluid that comes from the modified sweat glands of cows.
  • Star Trek: Voyager had the Vidiians, a race whose hat is Squick. And Nightmare Fuel.
  • Numerous fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles seem to be extremely squicked by the hints of a relationship developing between Cameron and John. Clearly, they have not been watching enough anime.
    • Well, it helps that Cameron is a Ridiculously Human Robot who happens to be played by the smokin' hot Summer Glau.
    • Let's get right down to it - future you sends a Summer Glau-bot that's been reprogrammed to serve you back to you when you're 16. If she's not shagging you rotten from Day One, you did something very wrong.
      • Hahahahahaaa!
  • To shoehorn in the obligatory Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference- the heroine's on-off, masochistic relationship with Spike. No telling which was more disturbing: the attempted rape, the whole punch-up-then-shag-wildly dynamic ... or the fact many fans liked and supported the 'ship. If that's what people look for, no wonder our ideas of love and romance are hopelessly twisted!
    • Come to think of it, the fact that Buffy's effectively a necrophile is enough to make you get out the brain bleach ...
    • Please. The scene between Willow and Vamp Willow in "Doppelgangland" contained more squick than the entire Buffy/Spike relationship.
    • In the Season Eight comics, it is revealed that [[spoiler:Warren survived being skinned by Willow, and was rescued by Amy Madison. He's now her boyfriend. General Voll was squicked out by the mere thought of it.
  • Angel had, as mentioned at the top, the Love Triangle between Angel, Cordelia, and Angel's son Connor. Who is depending on how it's calculated and accounting for retcons, is either 18, 16, or 1 years old. And of course Angel was either in his mid twenties, or a 200 year old corpse, but people tend to overlook the inherent Squick in sex with... well the effect could probably replicated with a fresh corpse and puppetry.
  • Wonder Showzen once had an episode with Wordsworth getting cooties (which are presented in Wonder Showzen as a serious disease that eats cancer for breakfast), and Him removing his crusty old skin flakes and advertising as a snack called Chewties. I mean, I have a very weird mind, and not even I could have thought of that. Also, there's something seriously messed up about the Animal Dance segment.
  • The short-lived show Profit was compellingly distasteful, but one plot point reigns supremely squicktastic: the title character's stepmother shows up to blackmail him into providing not only a nice lifestyle, but also regular sexual gratification.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia features a lot of moments that many viewers may find squicky. Cannibalism and incest are among the many subjects covered in the show that some viewers find offensive and disturbing.
  • Marty falling in love with Todd and having sex with him on One Life to Live. Why is this squicky? Because due to Marty's amnesia, she doesn't remember that Todd led her gang rape, was unrepentant for years, and psychologically tortured her all during the rape trial. (Yes it occurred in 1993, but it was a major storyline for years and the viewers got to see the rape in pretty graphic detail.)
  • On The Tonight Show Jay Leno acts really freaking creepy when there's a female guest on his show. The reason why he acts like this is unknown. But if Jay's wife knew about it she would think he was trying to cheat on her.
  • The UST between George-Michael and Maeby (cousins) from Arrested Development often squicks people out. As does the relationship between Lucille and Buster. And Lindsay's first act on learning she was adopting being an attempt at blackmailing her brother into marrying her.
  • The inoculation scene from John Adams. The doctor walks out to his cart, which has a nearly-dead, pox infected boy laying in the back of it, then cuts one of the blisters off of the boy. He then goes back into the house, starts cutting all his patients' arms open, and spreads the puss from the blister into their cuts.

  • Some consider certain parts of Michael Jackson's Ghosts to be squicky. Jackson ripping his skin off completely to dance as a skeleton, turning into an eight-foot tall ghoul before turning into liquid and forcing the mayor character to drink him, and smashing his entire body into dust. Choose your favorite one.
  • Singing the pre-chorus lyrics of The Who's "Doctor Jimmy" (What is it? I'll take it?/Who is she? I'll rape it/Got a bet there? I'll meet it/Getting high? You can't beat it).
  • AMV Hell 0. Watch it if you must, but You Have Been Warned.
    • Which has been self-one-upped by AMV Hell/0, which contains copious amounts of scat.
  • Horrorpunk band The Misfits is usually taken as played for laughs, or at least with tongue firmly in cheek, but even some self-proclaimed ardent fans have a hard time singing along with the song "Last Caress." For a punk band, the vocals are quite clear, and rather shocking for someone not prepared.
    • Those not disturbed can find a certain twisted joy in watching the reaction of someone hearing it for the first time.
  • "Too Drunk Too Fuck" by the Dead Kennedys has the wonderful lyric "you give me head, it makes it worse, take out your fucking retainer and put it in your purse". Thanks, Jello.

Tabletop Games
  • As a Squick-mitigating measure, White Wolf has traditionally said in its World of Darkness games that children as supernaturals are exceptionally rare, but the attempt at this in Promethean: The Created is rather a "miss" — it says, particularly in the case of Galateids, that if you do try, you'll usually end up with Pandorans instead. For those not familiar with the game, that means that the corpse, rather than animating itself as a flawed but hopeful creature with the potential for humanity, twitches and tears itself apart into one or more grotesquely hideous, ravenous, irredeemably monstrous beasts that can, at the most dramatic, hope to go from an animalistic cruelty to an utterly wicked and twisted intellect.
    • The company has since released World of Darkness: Innocents, a game line that has the players portraying Muggle children. Some level of squick is expected. It goes above and beyond normal squick with a page dedicated to childhood sexuality, including a claim that children in the six-to-nine age group "may have attempted coitus." The statement in the book's introduction that it was written by real parents will either soften the blow, knowing it's coming from concerned persons, or worsen it when you realize that they felt it should be included any way. The rationalization was "Someone, somewhere, will go down that road with their campaign; let's try to set some guidelines". The page in question is taken from actual studies into the subject, not just spitballed.
      • Seriously, This Troper went nutzoid about this book. He adamantly refuses to even acknowledge it's existence as playable, and has even gone as far as confiscating it from a player who brought it to the table. Even worse, this Troper has accepted paychecks from White Wolf, and therefore is even doubly gagged-out that this book exists.
      • The Camarilla fan club has set a similar response. Playing a character under 16 is completely forbidden. Of course, the Camarilla is hypocritical about this stuff: playing someone under sixteen is forbidden, but having your character order a pack of dogs to gangrape a female vampire? Perfectly okay!
    • Let's not forget werewolf reproduction. In the Old World of Darkness, werewolves trying to keep things within the species had overwhelmingly sterile and disfigured offspring, so it's a bit of a turn-off. Instead, they really like humans ''and normal wolves'', with the majority of the resulting Half-Human Hybrids being humans that don't get scared easily or typical wolf puppies. There's no form requirement for actual conception. Those deformed werewolf-werewolf offspring? If they get ding the Karma Meter too hard in combat, they'll attempt to rape any nearby fallen combatants, of either side. Oh, and werewolves that never bothered with that whole 'human social skills' thing can cause humans of the opposite sex to instantly and ravenously want to rut with the werewolf, in some twisted form of supernatural date rape.
    • In the New World of Darkness, some of the squickier parts are removed, so werewolves are no longer getting it on with wild animals, but new squicks are added. Now werewolves with low humanity risk going into berserker rages during emotional moments, instantly turning into monstrous forms and intent on destroying anything near them. Yeah.
      • Werewolf-on-werewolf reproduction, meanwhile, results in nightmarish Fetus Terrible "ghost children", deformed spirits that exist only to kill their parents. On the downside, you're haunted by a terribly powerful creature that is immune to your supernatural powers. Upside... well, you don't have to look at it every day.
      • Changeling: The Lost is the undisputed king of Squick in this iteration. The entire concept is that people are kidnapped at taken by True Fae to be used as just about anything, from pets to sex slaves to tools and appliances. The Gentry are supposed to be deliberately incapable of empathy, yet for some reason they sure seem to enjoy this stuff.
      • No contradiction there. You need to have a critical empathy failure to enjoy using people for your own sick pleasure.
  • Assorted genetic implausibilities have been with Dungeons & Dragons for a long while. Half-orcs and half-elves have been in for a long while, but 3rd and 3.5 Editions took this Beyond the Impossible with half-whatever templates applicable to a broad number of creatures with justification of varying quality. There were also the long-descended races, whose more monstrous ancestor joined in several generations ago to breed into humans (almost always it was humans, despite plenty of other populations). Half-pixies, half-dragons, half-vampires, descendants of demons, and descendants of robots only scratch the surface. 4th Edition has removed templates as they existed before, so the list should at least be shorter this time around.
    • The Book of Erotic Fantasy (an official supplement that, unbelievably, exists) actually has a chart detailing which races can mate and produce viable offspring and which can't. That is actually the least squicky part of the book, which also features classes that require orgasms to acquire power, magical sex toys, and the idea that people might animate zombies to copulate with (described as "masturbation with dead rotting meat"). Sex with vampires is described (least, presumably a female one) "Sex with ice wrapped in velvet". Not to mention some of the suggested adventure hooks....
      • Not an official supplement, but rather it was made by a third-party publisher. Some reports say that when Wizards of the Coast heard of it, they decided to tighten up the guidelines regarding what kind of books could be published using the official compatibility logo. Others say that the author (who worked at Wizards, but wrote the book on his own time) knew those changes were coming, and was trying to get the book done before they were official.
  • Taken to extremes in Warhammer 40,000. The Dark Eldar basically live on squick, and the Chaos God Slaanesh was literally created by squick. Long story short version... The Eldar became so decadent and Squicktastic that their collective subconscious, with it's psychic potential, became mommy and daddy to Slaanesh. Slaanesh then birthed as the 'Chaos Avatar of Squick'. Incidentally eating several billion eldar souls in its, Slaanesh's, first waking breath. Also Nurgle makes for a different flavor of Squick.

  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, which is filled with squicktastic subject matter. Jocasta maims her own infant son and sends him off to be murdered after hearing of a prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus kills daddy unrecognized, and then spends years boinking mommy before learning the truth. Then he puts out his own eyes with a brocade pin.

  • Remember that classic "toy" slime that came in a little garbage can? It turned 30 years old this month. To celebrate, Japan's Mega Store is releasing an updated line of products called Adult Slime. Bedroom? Meet Slimer. Wet Naps not included. Can I get a DO NOT WANT here?
  • Boglins.
  • Jabba The Hutt glob.

Video Games
  • The first boss fight in Condemned 2 is against a woman in a bloodstained clown-doll Lolita outfit, wielding a buzzsaw lollipop, whose every movement is designed to be as disturbingly sexual as possible. The hypnoboobs don't help either.
  • In the online MMORPG Dofus, the males of the Sram race are animated skeletons, while the females are normal humans with flesh and bone. It doesn't become too Squicky until you wonder; how do they reproduce? Presumably they get boned.
  • In the Final Fantasy VI remake Emperor Gestahl suggests that Celes and Kefka create progeny to rule the world. There must be a rather large age gap between the two for one thing but the main problem would be simply that it's Kefka.
  • The Sending from Final Fantasy X is probably one of the most beautiful scenes in the game until you notice that the heroine is dancing above dead bodies. This troper was much happier when she thought they were just weird underwater flowers.
    • The Sending is a funeral rite. Of COURSE it involves dead bodies...
    • The "Fiends-were-once-people" justification for all the monsters. Made worse in the sequel, where some of the bosses in the Bonus Dungeon are first seen in human form.
  • In what is possibly the cruelest joke ever played by the developers of a videogame, your "reward" for beating the Hell Temple of La-Mulana, a Bonus Level Of Hell which crosses over into Platform Hell territory, is a skimpy swimsuit. Which you then see the male main character wearing.
  • In Captain Rainbow, one of the first missions is to prove that Birdo is a woman. You succeed by finding what is hinted to be her vibrator.
  • Ape Escape 3. More specifically, Monkey Yellow. He/she/it constantly rubs his/her/its body in a sensual fashion and his/her/its special attack involves shooting ninja stars out of his/her/its nipples. *Shudder*
  • In Blue Dragon, When you rest at an inn in one of the Sheep Tribe camps, you get a scene of Shu sleeping under a blanket. I wonder how the Sheep Tribe make blankets...
  • The song "Give Me All Your Love" from The World Ends with You has the singer addressing someone who this troper can only guess is a creepy rapist:
    Watch me with your scary eyes
    Please me with your silky touch, come on
    Feel me when you come inside
    Touch me when you want me anytime
    • Possibly a case of plain old Engrish, though.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Despite Vamp's more vicious moments tending to get overlooked by a section of the fandom, most fans agree with Raiden's assessment that he was a lover to BOTH Scott Dolph, and Dolph's daughter Fortune is rather Squickastic (Can you even imagine the conversation for Vamp's and Fortune's Relationship Upgrade?).
    • Volgin's sadism tends to squick the part of the fandom that isn't busy writing fanfics of him zapping Raikov in bed, and some people thought the joke video of Volgin confusing Raiden for Raikov to have crossed the line. Some people have a reaction of both amusement AND squick, which is where the Fetish Fuel train takes on passengers...
    • As listed in Yandere - Venus causes this reaction by the list of things that turns her on from experimentations on kids to her partner (Snake) being shot.
    • Laughing Octopus is an insane woman with Combat Tentacles and Shapeshifting abilities. She practically radiates Squick.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat are hinted as having a relationship. An echidna and a bat in a relationship. Talk about easy to stomach, right? Also, the only thing remotely close to Fanservice in the series is supplied by six-to-twelve-year-old girls. Said six-to-twelve-year-olds are a bunny and a pink hedgehog, respectively.
    • Oh please. That's nothing compared to the Finalhazard from Sonic Adventure 2, who is a giant Godzilla-esque mutated lizard (already creepy in its own right) that, after being beaten by Shadow, retaliated by having an entire space station shoved up its butt! It was a last resort mechanism by Gerald Robotnik to make sure The ARK annihilates the planet. None of that is made up.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, the dwarven caravan will happily sell you cow milk, camel milk, and dwarf... milk...
    • That last one's actually made from milking maggots. Not that this improves things.
  • Bully has several game mechanics similar to its grandpappy, including health recovery mechanics. In later GTA installments, it's done by finding health pick-ups, eating food, or buying hookers. In Bully, it's done by drinking soda or kissing classmates, and not necessarily girls either. While mostly harmless on its own, the realization that the wrong kind of player might buy it for the sole purpose of making fifteen-year-old boys kiss each other might squick you out enough to make you drink soda for a couple of weeks....
  • Ocarina of Time's Adult Link is a ten year old boy in a seventeen year old boy's body. Now start thinking about all the fangirls who fantasize about Adult Link. And all the shipping he has with the game's females.
    • Especially the aquatic Princess Ruto and their Childhood Marriage Promise.
    • And males. And Sheik, whose physical sex is the subject of much fanwank.
    • Midna in Twilight Princess. What can I say? A naked elf-girl with dangerous curves, who rides on Link in wolf form, Shapeshifting Squick may occur here too. Evokes images of bestiality.
  • Nightmare from Metroid Fusion, especially once his face starts to melt off. Towards the end of the battle, it's practically a Mercy Kill.
  • Silent Hill 3, the squickiest and most Nightmare Fuel Unleaded-ish of the series. Examples:
    • Heather is "pregnant" with the cult's god, touching on fears of teen pregnancy.
    • The phallic Split Worm monster.
    • The organic walls(complete with ambient breathing sounds and heartbeats) in some parts of the SH 3 Dark World, and in parts of SH 4 too.
    • The nurses look and sound disturbingly human in SH 3, in addition to their usual Stripperific outfits,and they also kind of look like vampires with their white makeup and bloody lips, a possible vamp Fetish Fuel.
    • The "insane cancer" monster, which is exactly what it sounds like. Looks like a headless, bloated, maggot-riddled corpse. They, not surprisingly, deflate when you kill them.
    • The stuff Valtiel does with the nurses. If you thought Pyramid Head was bad...
    • The "bloody mirror room", where you hear disgusting squishy organic noises as the room and your reflection get covered in blood vessels. This situation in particular may require Brain Bleach.
    • I forgot: when Heather gets covered in red lines when "in labor" for the birth of the god. And then she pukes up the Fetus Terrible, but then Claudia swallows it, in an attempt to raise it herself.
    • Not that the other games are bereft of this trope, oh no. Just for starters, the first game has Alessa, a young girl who receives third-degree burns all over her body (which we get to see in horrific detail in Origins) and kept alive in unimaginable agony for seven years, the second game has Pyramid Head, who rivals Laughing Octopus for the title of Squick-incarnate, along with all the Fan Disservice, and the fourth game has Walter's everything, not the least being his obssession with the protagonist's apartment, which he believes to be his mother.
    • The demon hatching out of Alessa ''Alien''-style when Kaufmann applies the Aglaophotis.
    • The Fairytale Glutton Monster not only looks, but sounds really squicky.
    • Those posters of Lisa's smile hooked up to IV hoses.
    • In the deepest depths of the SH3 Dark World, ie Nowhere, the organic walls are taken to the extreme, where there are amoeboid things moving about in the semi-translucent walls making a "glug glug glug" sound.
    • Squick unleaded (and Nightmare Fuel Unleaded): There's the Abstract Daddy monster, a figure with a phallic head humping another figure on top of a bed frame, which represents Angela being raped by her dad, squick in itself. It is first encountered in a room with fleshy walls and pistons moving in and out of holes in the walls, another phallic symbol. And it's got a big mouth on its underside resembling a vagina and it attacks James by sucking on his head.
      • And here I was thinking the Silent Hill series was subtle...
    • SH3: the hints for the Guide Dang It! patient-wing keypad on hard mode. "Suddenly I shove your thumb deep into your eyesocket... And what would it feel like, like jelly?... I obscenely mix it around and around, I must taste the warmth of your blood... As though drinking in your cries, I bring my hopes to fruition; biting your tongue, shredding it, biting at your lips as if tasting your lipstick. Oh what euphoric heights I would reach, having fulfilled my desire like a greedy, gluttonous cur... And how is your tender ear? It brushes against my cheek; I want it to creep up to my lips so I can sink my teeth into its flesh..." Player says "Squick! Squick! I feel so unclean! Where's my brain bleach?"
    • Two words: Stanley Coleman. "Isn't it a shame? I'm not there. Aren't you irritated? I long for you, but you're so cruel. Still, I want you, Heather." "Shall I write something of my own? On my chest, since I can't cut it open to show you my heart." "If a thing has no meaning, there's no reason for it to exist at all. Just as you exist for me. But why haven't you taken my doll with you? Ah, my gift must've embarrassed you. How cute you are, Heather!" "I shouldn't have let this place get to me, should have never gone crazy. But it's superbly enjoyable to drown in my love for you."
  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, your female sidekick Trucy is a fifteen year old stage magician. One of her most popular magic tricks, which she performs at the Wonder Bar, is pulling various objects out of her panties. It's not clear whether she's wearing said panties at the time (probably not), but it really makes you wonder what kind of people come to her magic shows. She is quite comfortable talking about her magic panties (to the point where she tells people who call them "underwear" to call them "panties"), which raises some more disturbing questions.
    • In fact, said panties, another woman's panties, their theft, and the discovery that one of the witnesses is a panty-snatcher who became obsessed with the panties after seeing her perform with them are major plot devices in the second case. Even Apollo becomes very disturbed after a while by the constant mentioning of Trucy's panties.
  • Two of the arcade versions of Legendary Wings, namely the Japanese and US Set 2 versions, feature a scantily clad curvaceous chick(Michelle Hart, who also has a cameo in Marvel Vs. Capcom) as Player 1's character. May also be Fetish Fuel (scantily clad angels). This game is in fact older than Metroid. "Take that, Samus Aran", a reviewer once said. Although, the other US version, with its two potentially gay male characters, may be squickier.
  • Quake 4 Body Horror(countless examples). What really takes the cake is the Controllable Helplessness sequence where the protagonist is Stroggified, which is major High Octane Nightmare Fuel too. Doubt if even Brain Bleach can erase this from memory.

Web Comics
  • Played for laughs with a Witch-Dragon relationship in 8-bit Theater (and some of the Crosses the Line Twice as well).
  • A goblin describing cheese to another, after he joked the smell alone deserves a Detect Evil. The answer? Humans Through Alien Eyes.
    • Translation: I'm losing this argument, so now I'm going to try calling valid points irrelevant to distract people from that fact.
  • This installment of Freefall depicts a typical reaction to squick.
  • Jack contains quite a bit of Squick...the character Drip is practically Squick personified, and the "Games We Play In Hell" arc could have been titled "Squicktoberfest."
  • Terinu has a few moments, usually involving its protagonist. Such as when he was imprisoned in a research lab and lashes out at his captors, one of whom yells out just before the scene cut to "Get the gastric kit!". Or when he's naked and unconscious while recovering from being gut stabbed and one of the Big Bads expresses a desire to "play" with him.
  • Arcanum has half-orcs, half-elves and half-ogres - each are hybrids with humans. But ogres are huge... So how are half-ogres born? If you follow the correct leads, you can find out about a long-running conspiracy hatched by the gnomish business cabal, where human women are kidnapped, raped by ogre males, forced to bear the half-ogre babies to term, then have their wombs ripped open to extract the baby because it won't fit through the natural opening. Eventually they had a large enough population of half-ogres to be self-sustaining through natural half-ogre reproduction with other half-ogres. The motive? So that the business class could have big, strong and obedient guards. Half-ogres are strong and tough, but less wild than full ogres.
  • Also, in Order of the Stick Tsukiko's relationship with undead.

Web Original
  • In Strong Bad Email 174, "mini-golf", Homestar finds a bra in the lake. The only girl, Marzipan, isn't there, but Coach Z is, and he believes he's a mother...
    • Then, there's also the part that nobody in the main cast (except Strong Bad and possibly Bubs) seems to wear pants. This was even lampshaded in the e-mail "senior prom".
    Strong Bad: You've gotta be kidding! I'm the only one that wears any pants!?
  • Some stuff on this site, especially Troper tales for Rule 34 and some pairings
  • The AngryVideoGameNerd's 2007 video titled "Atari Porn." Not linking it, you can look for it if you want to experience brain BSOD. Two words: pixellated paraphilias.
  • A recent entry from Something Awful's "Horrors of Pornography" column is entitled "Horrifying Sex Toys from Beyond". No link, as it's EXTREMELY NSFW, but it's a good idea to bring an industrial-sized tub of Brain Bleach if you want to read it.
    • Let's just say we hope America's new President never EVER looks at that article.
    • That above example is tame compared to something like Something Awful's "The Horrible Saga Of SWAP.avi". This puts goatsecx, tubgirl and nearly all other shocksites to shame. The pictures shown are a warning not to go looking for the video, unless you want to suffer severe psychological trauma and end up in a mental institution.
  • A lot of the things the Protectors of the Plot Continuum encounter are deeply disturbing on one level or another. For that matter, so are a lot of the things they do to their targets; a Mary Sue and her sidekick were fed to the Balrog, a werewolf agent has disembowelled a Marty Stu in graphic detail, another Stu was pushed directly into the Jackverse Hell, and so on.
  • Torture porn, coprophilia, menophilia, bestiality, and other sick perverted "fetish" material. This troper once took a peak at such material out of curiosity, and nearly threw up.
  • This Youtube Poop. Worse yet, there's a fad out of it.
  • Any, any kill by either Cillian Crowe or Blood Boy in Survival of the Fittest versions one and three. One such death involves evisceration with the fingernails, another, raping somebody with their own snapped off forearm.
    • A mention must go to Gabriel Theobaldt (V3) who castrates one of his victims (BY HAND) shoves the 'package' down the poor sod's throat, then proceeds to next-to decapitate him.
    • Heather Tilmitt (another V3 character) decides that her baby (she is pregnant) will only slow her down, and forcefully aborts it with a heavy duty surgical lamp. However, it doesn't end there as the father of her child comes onto the scene and cuts the dead foetus out of her with a saw.
    • Not to mention what Cody Jenson does to Madelaine Shirohara in V1 (raping her and then ripping out her jugular with his teeth). Adam Dodd was pissed at this maniac for a reason.
    • There are more, but we're feeling rather queasy and need to lie down.

Western Animation
  • South Park gives a whole new dimension to Squick. It's what Squick smokes.
  • Drawn Together had a character in its second episode with a tentacle monster for a vagina. By the end of the series that would be one of their least alarming moments.
  • Spongebob Squarepants. The older episode "Naughty Nautical Neighbors". "Hey buddy. I warmed it up for ya!"
  • Speaking of Ren and Stimpy, two words: "Hermit Ren". That episode is quite possibly the most masterfully disturbing (as in, it never goes overboard but still makes one reach for the nearest bucket) thing ever animated. See its Nightmare Fuel entry for more. Or don't. We completely understand.
    • "Ren Seeks Help" might just be worse.
  • Pedophile Sgt. Hatred in The Venture Bros., sucking on his wife's baby "maize" toes in the middle of a wedding.
  • The Simpsons has various scenes where Cletus and Brandine are husband and wife, siblings, cousins, father and son, and mother and son at the same time.
    • See Homer's eyes go crusty, and no amount of Brain Bleach will seem to work!
    • Try this Marge quote on for size: "Food keeps my family happy, so I make a few practice dinners before showtime. 'Cause at six o'clock, we go live!"
      • I'm honestly not getting this one.
      • Okay, to put things in perspective, the quote comes from the episode "Brawl in the Family". During the storyline involving Gabriel the angel/social worker, he goes to see Marge and tries her home-baked brownies. He comments, "You sure do love cooking." Marge then says the above quote, leaving Gabriel disturbed. That other Wiki describes this scene as thus: "When it is Marge's turn, she tells him how she loves to cook, although a little creepily."
  • In Gargoyles, there's probably a few things that could squick folks if they think too hard about it, but what stands out the most blatantly is probably Hyena's constant come-ons to the robotic head-in-a-cybersuit of Coyote. Including such gems as "Wanna make sparks together?" The ...relationship... between her and her brother Jackal is already a little iffy, but Jackal's response to his sister's new interest being, "That's...sicker than usual," implies a whole 'nother mess.
    • Even Coyote itself seems a little disturbed by her. And it's a robot. When you've squicked out an emotionless computer, you've definitely done something very wrong.
    • For another Gargoyles sitch, a not-too-uncommon minor character ship from the series is the original Coyote (i.e. the Trickster spirit) with Elisa's younger sister Beth. The squick? Coyote's preferred human form is that of Beth's father, Peter, as a younger man.
  • The episode of Moral Orel where Orel uses his mother's pastry bag to artificially inseminate dozens of women in the town. Cut to several weeks later as Orel and Doughy walk past several houses where the windows show pregnant women throwing up. The fact that Orel is eleven doesn't help. At all. This resulted in the episode, being second in production, be the last episode of the first season to finally be approved by the network and shown.
  • The slurm factory episode of Futurama revealed that the popular drink slurm is made of slime from the slug queen's tail.
  • In Transformers Animated oil is used as analogue for both alcohol and blood. This become especially noticeable when the Constructicons find a trail of oil that was leaking from Bumblebee and drink it and go looking for more.
  • In American Dad! Francine once gave Steve drugs in his sleep to keep him from growing. She injected it with a needle into his head, but then the needle broke off and became stuck. She then took his phone and slammed it into the needle, jamming the thing all the way into his skull.
  • In the newest animated installment, the retcon character of Anakin's padawan Ashoka Tano seems like pretty hot stuff, what with that sassy attitude, that exotic orange skin, those big, soleful eyes, flushed, pouty lips, lithe body and skanky outfit... until you realise that the character's supposed to be fourteen years old. If that's not scquicky enough, it just gets worse when you learn that Lucas intended the character to be only ELEVEN!
    • The less you know about how Rotta the Huttlet came to be the better.
  • My Gym Partner's A Monkey has this in quite a few episodes. In one episode Jake eats something that comes from the ceiling and everyone think it's toxic. Then there's Ingrid's constant crushing on Adam.
    • In the movie Grazed And Confused there's a scene where Adam applies sunscreen on Jake's behind. No, they're not gay or anything. But Adam kind of pauses it and says it's just wrong.
  • Numerous Courage The Cowardly Dog episodes have this. One example is the evil weevil episode.
  • In one episode of Batman: The Animated Series, villainess Baby-Doll, who looks and acts like a little child, teams up with the monstrous, huge Killer Croc. Baby-Doll develops romantic feelings for Croc, although he only uses her as a partner in crime, prefering to frequent the company of women who are heavily implied to be prostitutes at the Gotham City docks. While Batman and Batgirl investigate the case, Batgirl asks, 'What do you think they do in a date?'. A visibly disturbed Batman only grunts 'I don't even want to think about it'.
  • An episode of Baby Looney Tunes this troper watched was quite Squicky. It centered on the tots' inability to get eye crud out of their eyes after waking up in the mornings. So they tried staying up the whole night, only to find the crud still there. It was way, way worse than it sounds.
  • This troper will never stop thinking of the Unfortunate Implications of the removal of Danny Phantom's humanity by way of an extremely reluctant Vlad after Danny begged for it. More tragic and horrorific than squicky, thought the squick is there if you think too hard.

Real Life
  • The actual biological mechanics behind sexual reproduction, when you sit down and study them, are pretty squick-worthy. This is why IKEA Erotica doesn't work. For that matter, biology in general has more squicky graphic detail to offer than all the other natural sciences combined.
    • Not to mention the physiology. Remember how weird it sounded when you were first taught about it? "The guy puts his what in a girl's WHAT?? The thing pee comes out of?? And then nine months later there's a baby?! Yuck, I'm never having kids!" Sex is inherently squicky. (In the end, though, most people learn to get over that...)
      • For your consideration: the spotted hyena, C. crocuta. Female external genitalia strongly resemble the male external genitalia; the hyena's clitoris grows into a "pseudo-phallus", through which the female gives birth; during labor, it ruptures. (Also, their young are born with teeth and will sometimes eat each other, but that seems to pale in comparison.)
  • Body Horror is the more extreme form of the squick the above troper feels.
  • God is watching you masturbate. (okay, depends on how you understand "real life"!)
    • Wait, I thought that was Ceiling Cat?
      • God may be watching YOU masturbate, but he and I have an understanding. We don't believe in each other. Ceiling Cat...well, you can't HELP but believe in Ceiling Cat, unless you ignore all logic.
  • A lot of internal parasites (such as viruses, fungi, invertebrates or the larvae of certain insects), can do crazy things to the host (which can be a bacterium, a plant, an arthropode or a vertebrate), including rewriting the host's DNA, changing or controlling the host's behaviour by releasing hormones or neurotransmitters, or forcing the host's tissues to adapt to a new function that is profitable to the parasite but not to the host. Parasite ecology is a large and creepy field.
    • Ooh, how about the wasps that lay their eggs in the bodies of caterpillars? The larvae hatch and eat the caterpillar from the inside out. SAMAS has seen a picture of one such victim still moving, even after the larvae that ate it had gone to the pupal stage.
    • Many insects and arachnids are squicky. The female praying mantis devours the male of the species, the black widow spider also does the same. Then there's certain parasites, the human boyfly is an extreme example of this. Flies in general are squicky, especially seeing as they throw up on their food before eating it.
  • When you think about them too hard, most foods become completely inedible once the Fridge Logic sets in:
    • Honey, sweet and delicious honey, is basically bee vomit.
      • Not exactly. Bees have two "stomachs", of which one has digestive juices and the other has enzymes that turn nectar into honey, so honey doesn't contain bile. In any case, insects don't "vomit" the way we mammals understand the term.
    • Fruits are the eggs and reproductive organs of plants.
    • Meat of any kind is the muscle tissue of a dead animal.
    • Anything made from grain is in effect made from grass seeds, which has both the "grass" aspect and the "seeds, which are actually plant eggs" aspect.
      • Not to mention that canola is properly called "rapeseed".
    • Eggs? For all intents and purposes; poultry menstruation.
      • Eggs get even better when you learn what a cloaca is.
      • They're really GIGANTIC OVULES!
    • Yogurt and cheese are really moldy, rotting milk.
      • Yogurt is actually a live bacteria culture. They are what curdle the milk during the yogurt-making process and they are still there when you eat it.
      • MOTHER 3 plays with this. If you get Fresh Milk and wait too many battles to use it, it turns into Rotten Milk. If you wait some more battles, it turns into Yogurt.
    • Any kind of alcohol is the excreta of bacteria feasting on some sort of food allowed to ferment for weeks on end. Yeast and barley, beer. Potatoes gives vodka. Sugar cane, rum. You name it, you can rot it into rotgut.
    • Depending on the vegetable, you're either eating spine, lung or fat, and just remember that they grow best when they are surrounded by a combination of decomposing life and manure.
      • Now you're definitely going too far. They just have the analogs of lungs and spines, not the real thing, dammit!
    • If you want squick free food, say hello to salt! Otherwise, you're eating squick! (This message brought to you by the Salt Services Society.)
      • You mean salt from the sea people pee in and fish shit in?
      • But why should salt suffer?
      • Not to mention it's made of Chlorine and Sodium, which this troper has seen kill flies in a jar and the second explode in science class.
    • White vinegar can be made from ethanol that has been synthesized from oil or natural gas.
      • Which are just really old compressed plants and probably a few animals as well.
    • And then there's just plain old water. All water. Water which has been excreted and/or excreted into by SOMETHING at some point in history. No amount of filtration or Brain Bleach can remove that thought from your head. Welcome to the law of conservation of matter, kids.
  • If you really look into the synthesis of artifical flavors, you'll never want to eat anything with artifical flavors again.
    • Artificial vanilla is the worst. It has been synthesized from paper mill waste, a petrochemical derived product (guaiacol, which can also come from creosote, that black slime on telephone poles) and cow dung.
  • Josef Fritzl. Imprisoned his daughter for 24 years, during which he fathered several children by her.
  • Some people will experience squick if you bring up the fact that every time they bite into a fruit of any kind, they are biting into an ovary.
    • Similarly, there are few people who enjoy being informed that flowers are the eviscerated genitals of plants.
      • And pollen? That's plant semen. Keep that in mind the next time you find your car covered in yellow dust and you'll realize that the trees have effectively indulged in bukkake with it.
      • The next logical step here is that flowers use bees and butterflies as turkey basters. Or possibly sex toys.
      • Honey is nectar regurgitated by bees. Now think of the human equivalent of all this. Or don't; it's your choice.
  • Leaked celebrity sex tapes seem to be subject to a variation on Sturgeon's Law. For every one you might actually be interested in, there are several that instead evoke this trope.
  • Shock Sites practically exist to squick out people who view them. Some people make a habit out of luring unsuspecting viewers to them.
    • To give an example of what they're like, Wikipedia has the following description of a Shock Site, in this case, the infamous "2Girls1Cup":
      It then immediately shows one of the women defecating into a clear glass ice-cream cup. The two women are then shown licking the contents together. It then cuts to one of them pushing some of the matter around with their tongue in and out of her mouth, eventually swallowing it. One of the women then gags herself, vomiting into the cup while the other one licks the contents. They then take turns vomiting into each other's mouths and the video finishes with them kissing with a lot of faecal matter between their faces.
    • Knowing that that one was partially faked, as the 'faecal matter' is actually icecream, may help. Or it may not.
  • There is a group of lizards known as Horned Lizards (AKA Horny Toads...No, not THAT kind of Horny..) that defend themselves by squirting blood out of their eyes at predators. Yeah, it's rather disgusting when you think about it. And yet....
    • Also, Komodo Dragons are rather squicky due to their table manners. When you consider that a large percentage of their diet consists of rotting flesh, it's bound to make you rather queasy.
      • And the fact that their saliva is really, really fucking deadly due to all the nasty bacteria and the like from their diet? It's stated that if a human survived an attack by a Komodo Dragon, they're very likely to die from infection. Scientists don't even know how Komodo Dragons survive their own saliva. Dragons have been known to bite their prey and let them get away, because they'd rather let the corpse ripen for a bit before eating it.
  • Two Words: Dung Beetles. (Try not to think about it too hard...)
  • The youngest pregnant human female was five years old.
    • That's not all. She began menstruating when she was eight months old.
      • Biologically possible as an extremely rare disorder. The other problem with this is exactly who got her pregnant...
    • The youngest known human father was twelve.
    • Jamie Lynn Spears of Zoey 101 had pregancy recently and she's in her teens.
  • The following is a quote from Dr. Patterson, caretaker of Koko the sign-language speaking gorilla at the Gorilla Foundation:
    Koko, you see my nipples all the time. You are probably bored with my nipples. You need to see new nipples. I will turn my back so Kendra can show you her nipples.
    • Kendra was not amused.
      • Dr. Patterson is female, so either we have a gorilla with a nipple thing or a case of a gorilla being used as an excuse for lesbian sexual harassment.
  • Anna Nicole Smith. So many things about here were squicky, one of which being that she married an oxygeniarian who was much much much much older than her.
  • Child Beauty Pageants. Full stop.
  • Just read the the other Wiki's article about the heart.I dare you.
    • This troper did. Unless organ pictures terrify you, it's not squicky in the least. A little hard to keep up with the terminology, though.
  • ...I'll never breathe again!
  • Adult male stoats (a real-life Ridiculously Cute Critter) are known to break into the nests of others and mate with the female cubs. Delayed implantation ensures the embryo doesn't grow until the female has grown large enough to carry it to term safely.
  • Dolphins, likely the most beloved group of animals on the planet, are known to engage in gang rape.
    • Sometimes on their own babies. Throw death from internal bleeding into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for Grotesque Cute.
  • The "Primal Diet", invented and advocated for by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, is a diet for humans, based on eating raw (And even rotting) animal foods, such as meat and eggs. There is even a web forum for people who eat raw and rotting animal foods, where they discuss techniques, how long it can sit out, where to get animal organs, etc. I am not making this up. You can Google it if you are interested.
    • What's even more surprising is that people who eat this way often report great health benefits.
  • Frogs that hatch eggs on their back, in their throat or in their stomach.
  • Parasitic worms that tunnel out into and out of your legs, heart, eyes, and brain. NEVER CONSUME RAW WATER OR FOOD!!!!1one!
  • On the Cake Wrecks blog, many of the cakes featured most certainly fit this trope.
  • Furries are a group of people who dress up in animal costumes and have sex. Oftentimes, they are aroused by cartoon characters meant for children and make pornographic images of them. Some of them believe they have a "Fursona" in which they are actually the animal of the costume they are wearing.
    • Uh... what? Unless this was deliberately phrased for squick factor, I'm not even a furry and I think this is drastically oversimplifying. Dude, Not Funny!.

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It came from Usenet. It goes back at least to the early 90s in the original skullfucking meaning.

By 2001 it had acquired its meaning of being grossed out, at least in alt.tasteless. (I can't find an example ATM) It's filtered into web use since, and been sanitized.