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A Carlssin: Is it specifically erotic? Or just the fulfillment of any fantasy (like the one in the link?)

I would opt for the second — that's how I've been using the word in public, so I hope I'm right!

YYZ: I recall reading an account by a Harry Potter fangirl of how she played a particularly evil trick on her fellow HP fanatic. Girl A had a desktop wallpaper of Sirius Black on her laptop; she made the mistake of leaving it turned on when she left her dorm room, and Girl B replaced it with a wallpaper of Snape. Girl B turned the computer off. Girl A started her computer up again when she came back — and apparently, the noise that came out of her when she saw what had happened to her desktop was the exact opposite of a squee.

Cassius335: Speaking Of Which, what is the exact opposite of Squee?

Janitor:Squick XD

Cassius335: Well, yeah. But as an actual noise?

Fast Eddie: Well, actually ... see the second distinction in this definition:

Silent Hunter: Squee is now (on OG) a fannish expression of delight. Suggest this entry be modified to reflect that. OG has dedicated "Squee" threads.

Fast Eddie: Pulled avatar032.jpg. Too wide. ((caption-width:434:Zuko's squeeing fangirls. At least, the ones who live in the Avatarverse.))

Ruthie A: I second that. I've (mentally) squee'd at a lot of different things, at least ninety percent (Okay, eighty-five percent) of them completely unrelated to Fangirl crushes.
Citizen: Anime examples count for much? Higurashi's Rena goes squee all the time (Auu~) over cute things...

Nlpnt: Screencap credit goes to; I had to cut the logo off, there was no other way to get the fangirls in within the size limit so I'm putting the credit here.

Attilargh: While I do like the current pic, wouldn't this one from "The Beach" be a bit better representative?

Nlpnt: I hadn't found that one! Go ahead if you want.

Squee, you say?
Ninjacrat: We have a new 'most vapid' winner, exceeding even the example from Player Punch:
  • Though they have absolutely no connection with fangirls, the sound made by Metroids in (obviously) Metroid is usually written as "Squee!". The sound is usually followed by one latching into your face.
    • No connection with fangirls, you say?
      • I thought that it was more a of a "Scree!" noise. Regardless, they are the most adorable life-draining bio-weapon ever.

Spare a thought for this poor guy, who can't even concieve of themselves:
Dentaku: There appears to be some confusion whether this trope addresses the feelings by the public or the ones displayed in the media themselves.
Ack Sed: Image. Disturbing.