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Tonkarz: In my opinion, Kid Radd is an example of a Pixel Art Comic because the art is mostly original. Though I'd have to make a page for PixelArtComics first ;) Feel free to disagree, but I'm going to go ahead and make a page for Pixel Art comics like Diesel Sweeties anyway.

HeartBurn Kid: Personally, I'd go with the "lump" side here. Just add a bit describing "Pixel Art" comics, and what makes them different from sprite comics. (In the interest of full disclosure, though, I've always felt "Pixel Art Comics" is to "Sprite Comics" as "Graphic Novels" is to "Comic Books"—a semantic difference at best, created by people who want their particular works to be seen as somehow "above" mere sprite comics/comic books.)

Tonkarz: I agree that the whole "Graphic Novel" vs "comic book" thing is a little pretentious, because the distinction between the two is purely subjective issue. But "pixel art" and "sprite" comics have an objective difference, which is that one is composed of completely original art, and the other is composed of completely ripped sprites.

HeartBurn Kid: OK, but what about something like Kid Radd, where the main characters are original, custom-made sprites, but there are many cameos and visuals taken from video games? What about, say, The Karnak Hates Everything Show, where all the characters are original, but the sprites are heavily-modified versions of actual game sprites? It's not really as black and white as you make it seem.

Ununnilium: It's not, but so? I'm a splitter on this issue. (As for graphic novels, those have their own definition too. >>) I'd put Kid Radd over in Pixel Art, though.

Tonkarz: Heartburn Kid, you are right, there are comics that straddle the line. I didn't mean to imply that they were two separate groups with no overlap, only that the terms had distinct meanings. On graphic novels, I guess you learn something every day (I just looked it up on wikipedia). I'd be inclined to put comics with heavily modified sprites under pixel art, with the provision that the comic features modified sprites and a link to the sprite comic article.

Yubi Shines: Toying with adding Too Short for a Life to the list. Completed sprite comic that took place circa Megaman X1, was one of (if not the) first serious comics in the Bn G forums in its time. Despite the Mind Screw ending and baffling Genre Shift storyline, I have a soft spot for it...