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As Kids Fic launched as Spinoff Babies: From YKTTW

Ununnilium: Love the name. ^_^

Ununnilium: It is actually spelled as "highschool", all one word.

Looney Toons: I stand corrected. It's been months, if that soon, since I last checked out Strong Bad.

Abby: The Rugrats—>All Grown Up reversal showed up twice in the examples, so I just deleted one of them. Hope that's okay.

Looney Toons: Perfectly fine. You've just become part of the Wiki Magic.

Ununnilium: It's not hypocrisy, since he wasn't criticizing the concept.

Erica MZDM: "No one quite knows why"? I always figured it was just a way to take an established, successful property and re work it for a new demographic.

Andyroid: As likely an explanation as any, Erica. I'm a put that in.
Eric DVH: Removed the following:
  • Live action example: The Indiana Jones movies got the TV spinoff The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which showed Indy as a young lad working alongside his father.
This wasn't a silly spin-off of the movies, it was made by the same people that did the films and fit into the exact same Canon as the films. I'd say it wasn't really any different from, say… the opening sequence from Last Crusade.

Erica MZDM: Er. It's still a spin off where the protagonist has been significantly de-aged. Neither it not being 'silly' nor it being cannon in the IJ universe changes that. Remember, Tropes Are Not Bad.

Put The Indiana example back in, separated the examples into straight examples and parodies, since we had a lot of both.

Off Side 7: How about the episode of Family Guy featuring the cast as babies exploring a haunted house? (Also a parody of The Little Rascals)?
Daibhid C: Moved Avengers Next and The Oz Kids to Spin-Offspring.