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Unpronounceable Name launched as SpeakOfTheDevil: From YKTTW

Mystyc: I relocated some of the examples on this page to clear up the division between Speak of the Devil and The Scottish Trope.

fleb: Cleaned up the Hastur section to be a bit less thread-modey, as another Lovecraft purist who has rather little knowledge about the crazed Tabletop RPG appropriations.

Arivne: It looks like this trope is supposed to be about saying a creature's name getting its attention and summoning it, and The Scottish Trope is about saying any name causing bad results. However, there are several examples on this page that aren't about summoning the creature named.

Would anyone object to my changing the description to limit the effect to summoning the creature named, leaving the others to The Scottish Trope and moving all such examples to that page?