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Looney Toons: The "BBC TV from AP" link ( appears to be dead as of 12/30/05.

Grev: Couldn't we combine this with Plot-Based Voice Cancellation?

Ununnilium: No, since it's not plot-based.

TTG: Am I the only one who finds the opening unreadable? I know the censors words are the point and it self-demonstrates the article, but instead of being funny like the opening to Bluenose Bowdlerizer or Cluster F-Bomb, this is just obnoxious.


Caswin: Cutting this entry since it doesn't actually involve sound effects, but preserving it just for the sake of the final note.

  • Animorphs is generally swear-free (despite being about teenagers fighting a war against aliens), but on the one occasion this troper can recall, it was censored using dashes: "—— roach!" Yes, all the brutal war imagery, and the one who swears is Jake's father, angry that he can't squash a roach. The irony? Jake was the roach.
    • Well, not entirely true. They tend to favor the indirect route- Announcing that the characters swore without describing said profanity.
    • There's also a fair amount of "I couldn't give a -" *cut off by sudden event that requires attention*. Seen even more in Everworld, written by the same author.
    • I will bet you that happened when an automated program designed to auto-check for all profanity - as it was a children's book - went through and deleted "cock", unintentionally messing up the word.