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Working Title: If you want a Happy Ending, stop watching now: From YKTTW

Earnest: A question for y'all. How should we treat spoilers here? We're already warning up front about them, so it does seem kind of redundant to spoiler things. Though it could be nice to treat this as an actual warning label, and mark the point at which a viewer can turn off the film for their happy ending, leaving the details spoilered. Maybe set up a mirror page for that?

Grev: Uh, yeah, this is Not so Fast, Bucko!.

Caswin: Not so fast. The Snicket Warning Label specifically addresses scenes which occur very near the end of the story, and very easily could be the end of the story, but for the "real", darker ending immediately thereafter. Although I am suspicious about this trope's relationship with Revised Ending.