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Luthen: I don't think the avatar quote is really the best for this page (Not that I can think of any better). Toph was the fourth member of the Gaang and definitely not the Sixth Ranger. That would be Zuko, who hadn't joined them at that stage.

Ununnilium: Protoman isn't an example, because he doesn't join any group.

Grev: Then there probably should be another category for "Tweeners" like Protoman and Forte (Bass) (and any others like those that aren't from the Mega Man universe...)

Scrounge: The Quantum Ranger from Power Rangers: Time Force is another "Tweener", ironicly enough. Maybe we could call the "Tweener" trope "Loner Ranger" since it's an offshoot of this one?

Darmok: What about Worf when he joined DS 9?

Cassius335: Works for me.
Lale: Moved the Avatar The Chick debate to The Chick, since this is about the Sixth Ranger.
Vampire Buddha: I replaced the hotlinked image with a locally hosted, probably better known example.
Octavo: Where did this lost counterexample actually belong?
  • Counterexample: Healers in Mabinogi. Even dedicated healers are often the firepower of the group magically and can perform like an average warrior/mage.
    • This trope is more or less subverted in Mabinogi, in that there are no dedicated roles or career paths, and almost no restrictions on skills; making characters highly customizable, and theoretically eliminating the "party balance" issues common to games with more specialized characters. The only restrictions that exist are race-related and very minor compared to similar games (Giants are a bit better at melee, and a bit worse at ranged and magic. Elves are a bit better at ranged and magic, and a bit worse at melee. Humans are pretty much equal at all three). Given enough time and effort, any character can max out all available skills. It's perfectly possible to build a powerful mage healer who has superb tailoring (clothing-crafting) ability and is god-like in melee combat. There is only one race-specific skill for each race that has no parallel skill for the others; although there are somewhat more extensive racial equipment restrictions. Overall, the game tends to avert or subvert the vast majority of character and class tropes typical for MMORP Gs.

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Actually, it's because The Lancer doubles as The Chick.
notreallyatroper: ... who the fuck changed the picture?!?!?!

The trope was named after the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, so it only makes sense to have him as the page image. It disrupts the Star Wars convention, but the trope isn't called The Lando now, is it?

notreallyatroper: well duh!! I was complaining about someone removing the Green Ranger. I wrote that when the Star Wars guy was up there!

Ha! My bad. I thought you were complaining about the reverse.

notreallyatroper: no worries, I guess I shoulda cleared that up earlier