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  • Is Scar from the Lion King really a "Sissy"? The quote at the top of the page is really him being sarcastic. While he is weaker than the average alpha male and being quite sophisticated I don't see him fitting this trope. Maybe i'm forgetting something.

  • How important is the whole Mighty-Macho-Wins-The-Day-part? Is it just a subvertion that the very Ambigously Gay villain in the Watchmenmovie turns out to be completely Bad Ass and completely owns the 3 (straight) Bad Ass Normals that comes after him, only to be halted to a stale-mate when the Physical God enteres the scene?

  • Dolores Umbridge fits just right: pink, fluffy, sweet as cotton candy - and a Complete Monster - even if the role is supposed to be for male only