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Ununnilium: So, is this actually a trope?

Pro-Mole: I understand what you say. That depends, do we have a Real Life Tropes index? Not to mention "nine out of ten" is a bit exaggerated, even for this wiki.

Ununnilium: Well, it also seems to be just... complaining about how many love songs there are.

Eric DVH: Nine times out of ten is definitely an exaggeration… Exaggerating how uncommon love songs are, that is. Try listening to a top-rated radio station for hours, days, WEEKS. There's a good chance that not a single song during that period will actually be about anything else. Now try listening to a supposed indy station/podcast/whatever, still above 90% in most cases (even in “edgy” genres like metal.)

Is this just whining about stuff I don't like? Well, would it have been whining to note the utter dearth of secular paintings in the middle ages? No, it would've been a legitimate criticism of market pressures then reining in the creative range of brilliant artists capable of better. Subject-wise, the music industry is effectively more prudish than they were back then.

Are other subjects undeserving of such attention, incabable of sustaining such a role in so many songs? Go to the poetry section of your local bookstore (songwriters are, basically, just poets.) You'll find poems on countless topics, and you'll also notice that while love sonnets are very numerous, they don't have the steely stranglehold that love songs do. As a matter of fact, nearly every book has a few poems that aren't about “oh baby.”

movie007: Would Paul McCartney's song be a form of Lampshade Hanging?