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Branfish: From where does the name of this trope come?

Solandra: "Shrinking violet" is supposed to be a common term for a shy, withdrawn person. I could have also used "wilting flower" for the title, but "shrinking violet" sounded cooler. You could also say that the title refers to Violet of The Incredibles, but the term has been in usage long before the film came out.

So you could say I got the name from daily conversation.

Looney Toons: "Shrinking Violet" was also a Silver Age member of the Legion Of Super Heroes (and may well still be, for all I know); it's pretty obvious that her superhero moniker was a play on the common phrase.
Alucard:How does Rei Ayanami fit this trope?

fhqwhgads: I agree. Rei is an Extreme Doormat. Heck, her picture is even on the article for Extreme Doormat. Shinji is the Shrinking Violet. I'm removing Rei's entry.

Is this really an "Always Female" trope?
  • Wheezy: Nope, especially not IRL.

BritBllt: Changing this paragraph in the opening...


The examples don't support the Double Standard claim of the previous version: the male examples generally aren't treated any worse than the female characters, and the premise of a shy, ordinary guy getting blindsided by a Genki Girl who opens him up to the world is practically an anime genre in itself. There's a definite double standard in real life, but fiction is surprisingly tolerant of male Shrinking Violets (probably because real-life male shyness is often mistaken for arrogance, which doesn't happen when the audience gets to share the guy's perspective).
BritBllt: Also removing these two quotes (but keeping them here for posterity)...

Carol: My leadership style is based mostly on intimidation. That won't work for you because nothing about you is intimidating.
Mike: Joe seems intimidated by me.
Carol: Those results can't be trusted. She's intimidated by small dogs & sharp bits of paper.

"Hey, it's Winnie from The Wonder Years! The quiet, gentle bookworm who's always in an on-again/off-again relationship! Huh, I wonder what she's playing here? A quiet gentle bookworm who's always in an on-again/off-again relationship? ... Awesome!

They're funny, but the connection to Shrinking Violet's secondary and the header's getting overloaded with quotes. I've created and moved them over to a Shrinking Violet quotes page.