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Licky Lindsay: yeah, that picture is here purely for educational purposes, because some people might need a picture to understand what a shirtless scene might look like.. does this wiki have built-in smileys?

Teeth: Is that Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh? *hides from angry mob of anime fans*

Lale: "this troper's mum still thinks he's gorgeous." My mom drove me crazy saying that about Tommy during every scene of Power Rangers 13 years ago.

dancecommander - The "Undefeatable" scene was hi-goddam-larious.

cg12345: I think the entry for Kung Fu Panda broke my brain. I hate, hate, hate Rule34.

fleb: There is a resemblance, Teeth... Hey, Solandra? You uploaded it, right? Who is that?

Solandra: That's Yuki Eiri from the first Gravitation remix (doujin) manga. Considering the other images that showed up for the same image search, I highly, highly recommend that you do not try to find other images from the remix. This pic was too good to pass up, however.

SpiriTsunami: Duly noted.

Antigone: I was talking with friends the other day, and we made a list — seems every single male Myth Buster has appeared stripped to his underwear/swimtrunks at least once on the show. Is that a better fit for Estrogen Brigade Bait, or here?

Silent Hunter: Here. Then again- so has half the female team.

I am absolutely gob-struck this article makes no mention of how much (and how infamously) soap operas employ this trope. It's like the ur-example!