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LORd: Where did that glorious Avatar quote go? The one that went something like, "What is this? What is this phenomenon about?"?

Triple Elation: The page probably got too quote inflated, and I think there's little argument that Emerson trumps Avatar (though that's ironic, given what he's been quoted to say about quotes in the page just linked)

LORd: Still, it should have at least been relocated to the quotepage. Sad troper is sad. :,(.

Triple Elation: You should try googling it and doing that.

LORd: I'd link to the trope page on that anime gesture where you lightly hit yourself on the top of your head, wink and stick your tongue out, but as it happens I can't find it.

Tabby: Mad love for whoever it was that included "apewire" in the Dr. Who example description.

Yoshi348: I shipped (no pun intended) two whole paragraphs about the resolution of actual canon pairings over to Will They or Won't They?, since the definition both at the start of the article and basically anywhere else I've heard the term is solely about fan-made pairings rather than official ones. Oddly enough, it provided some direly needed flesh to Will They or Won't They?.

Seth: Another thing that is annoying me about all the avatar examples (Not that this one is wrong, looks like a perfect example of shipping to me) is that they always end up at the top of the example list. Still at least this is an actual example.

Dude, seriously? Wow this stuff really, m'kay not like they're standing in the chow line or winning an award or somethin but well moved it to the ninth line if it ya'know eases the blow a little or somethin. Huh, I think its because of all the "a"s, I don't know.

Seth: I normally wouldn't care but after reformatting the avatar page i went a little Natzi on all the erroneous examples and started noticing every hair out of place with them. On the plus side its one of my favourite series now and i cant wait for fire.

Jisu: IZ worse than Digimon? Anything worse than Digimon? Especially back in the day when 02 was airing... *shudders*

Ununnilium: Personally, I always liked Miyako/Ken. ``

Ununnilium: Took out "its opponents citing their platonic nature and James in general as evidence against it" from the Pokémon example, because it didn't really work with the sentence it was dropped into.

Morgan Wick: This entry and the related entries have given me a horrible, awful idea for an analog to the Hollywood Stock Exchange, called the Shippers' Stock Exchange. You use play money to "buy" "stock" in your favorite pairing, which is cashed out either when the series ends or when you sell. Chances are it would result in the most vicious flamewars and Fan Dumb behaviors ever.

Lord Seth: Where is the quote at the start taken from? I'm just curious as to where they said it.

Big T: Yes, I just added all of the Star Trek ships. I know it's probably too much information, but I wanted to get it all down. I've considered reformatting, making each a bullet point for and linking each series. Watcha think?

Silent Hunter: What is the oldest recorded ship? Were people shipping Charles Dickens characters as some of his novels were episodic in release style? (Imagine the possibilities with Oliver Twist- normal and Squick) Or for that matter, Robin Hood?

Big T: Adam and Lilith from the Garden of Eden?

Mike Rosoft: Perhaps just a runner-up, but: "Such a woman was Mary Magdalene, a companion of the Son. The Lord loved her more than He loved all other disciples and often kissed her on her mouth." (From the Gospel of Philip.)

Lale: Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
So It Begins: Hey! You forgot Mal/Saffron in Firefly!

Robert Bingham: Added, though IMO, shipping those two is like shipping Inara and Atherton. Serious Foe Yay.

So It Begins: Ok... yeah, that's true.
Lale: Moved to Writer Revolt:
  • Also, this troper once read that Louisa May Alcott was pressured to hook up Laurie and Jo by both fans and her editor. Alcott instead created the character Professor Bhaer as Jo's love interest and hooked Laurie up with Amy, just to piss off the fans.

Grev: And I have a new respect for Louisa May Alcott...

Arsenal Tengu: Isn't there a nice, trope-illustrative picture out there that isn't furries?

Rogue 7: I'm more concerned about having something a bit more well-known than a webcomic I haven't seen referenced anywhere else on the wiki.

Rogue 7: Ah fuck it, I'm pulling the picture. Bugs me every time I come here, and I'm in a bad mood tonight.

Trogga: What's wrong with furries? Really.
Ripsaw: Where do we put our personal ships?

Taelor: Try you're contributor's page.

Triple Elation: Natter Overwhelming! The examples in this page seriously need cleanup. Consider that for e.g. someone who isn't familiar with Anime, the anime examples section reads something like "Well there's Haruki/Bondu and Yoshamira/Pinata and Roshambo/Vorpal and ... and ... and ...." and on and on. I know There Is No Such Thing as Notability but an example still has to be illustrative, interesting and meaningful even for someone who hasn't been following the series and posting on its forums for the last five years. I'm going to wait and see whether anybody defends this, and if they don't, I plan to rewrite the blatant "series X was here" examples that I do know something about and axe the ones I don't for lack of a better course of action. To anybody who does know anything about any show listed here, your efforts are very much needed in this page.