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Meems: Can't believe I forgot to add Xanatos Gambit. Thanks for including it, Earnest. (BTW, I fixed your spoiler tag for you.) I don't think that your choices retroactivly decide the backstory, though. The only backstory difference I've found is the difference in the flashbacks in Endings D and E, and I assumed Homunculus was lying in E.

Earnest: No prob, it was the first PS2 game I played I think, and I liked the game immensely. Still, the endings aren't mutually compatible. It's been a while, but I recall that one has the philosopher die un-rejuvenated, so no origin for Eike. And apparently leaving Margarette or (whats the other girls name?) in the past or present has no effect, despite the one being an ancestress to either Eike or the museum curator... I think. Gah. I actually wrote a FAQ about it years ago, I'll see if I can dig it up to present more a cogent explanation.

Meems: The ending where the philosopher dies is ending E, and I already gave my theory on that. And if Margarete and Dana were switched as babies (as ending A suggests) then Margarete is the curator's daugter, and Dana is the philospher's. (And therefore Eike's, if we accept that origin...) That's how I interpreted it, anyway.

Why do I have the feeling I'm going to be creating a Wild Mass Guessing page for this very soon...

Earnest: Finally found my Faq! Since Eike is Wagner, and Homunculus can reincarnate him because he owns his soul, Wagners death in ending E leaves Eike with no real origin, and paradox/headache since he wasn't erased from time when Wagner died. Sure, he could be a random dude with amnesia, but several other endings imply he's Wagner or one the two girls' descendant. Damn, now I have to replay the game! ^_^

Another interesting bit is you could leave "open" time loops without closing and no paradox (The Juggler), so I'm guessing there were simultaneously multiple future Eike's running around at the same time, each of whom got a different ending.

Meems: Ow, brain death via Mind Screw... And replaying the game can only be a good thing. ^_^

I dunnae own this game, but I hear it's pretty memetic... "I guess this is as far as I go" in particular. That would make a fine stinger.