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Tanto: What's the name of the game in the first example? We want to include it.

Seth: It looks like a joke to me. Pulling out the controller and singing?

Tanto: Yeah, I didn't read the whole thing. (Is it obvious?) I'm deleting it if it's not a real example. We're casual, but not that casual. There are enough real examples.

Tonkarz: Awww. I'll avoid such indulgences in the future. Was it at least funny?

Seth: I thought it was. Perhaps you could add it as a paragraph about the Videogame Adaptation of Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers?
Andrew Leprich: What's the difference between this and Script Breaking?

Tanto: My impression is that Script Breaking deals with when the game engine can't handle the disruption of the proper sequence, and Sequence Breaking deals with when it can.

Ununnilium: Script Breaking is when, intentionally or unintentionally, you do something that the game can't handle happening. Sequence Breaking is when you intentionally find a way around the constraints of the game developers' set path. Sometimes, the first can be used to do the second.

Andrew: Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying, guys.

Krid: I replaced a gender nondescript she with the more correct singular they. I mention this because this could be a controversial change. Also, I corrected a few spelling errors.

Ununnilium: Excellent, excellent — more singular they.

Kizor: I just played through a mission in Freedom Force, which allows for a nifty degree of interactability and player freedom. A chunk of a city is pulled back into Prehistoria, and the player is supposed to have his superhero team fight through swarms of dinosaurs to place beacons that will get them back to their time. I said "screw it", took off with one flight-capable hero and flew past raptor packs, carefully built ambushes and a stealth sequence, landing each time for just long enough to place a beacon. Wham, done. I have no idea if I improvised a commendable creative solution, or broke the sequence.

Korodzik: Hey guys, I don't know if this wasn't yet featured, but here's a nice site: devoted to Sequence Breaking (and Script Breaking too).

Shale: Pulled
  • In Secret of Mana, After the main character is banished from his village at the beginning of the game, a guard blocks the entrance until the end of the game. One can push through the guard any time once you have teammates by switching characters several time in succession. The nearby rabite field is very useful for level-grinding your weapons, since weapon-levels are based solely on the number of enemies killed, and the inn only costs 5 GP.

Because it's not actually a sequence break; at no point in the game are you supposed to re-enter Potos, so you're not triggering story events or getting items early or by a different route; it's just a plain ol' glitch that lets you enter an area that's supposed to be closed off.
((Lots42)): Goldeneye 64, Facillity Level. You need Dr. Doak's code thingy to open up the door to the last room. Or do you? If you go into the empty lab next to the locked door, go to the very end and fire your machine gun at the bullet proof wall, this commotion will bring mooks on the other side down the walkway, who then open the door themselves... not sure if this applies but it is cool. Stupid Dr. Doak.
Prfnoff: "The Giant's Drink" isn't a non-game example; it's a non-example.