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Tanto: Complaining About Subcultures You Don't Like? Not that this isn't a trope, but the current tone of the entry is altogether too whiny for my taste.

BlackDrazon: You're absolutely right. I'll sadly admit, I knew this was a trope and came to the site to write it but ended up in a real tweaked mood after seeing examples littered about the site and absolutely nothing said in return. So this garbage popped out. I hate to see a prospective trope die, though, and I have a bad history of writing trope-worthy, badly-phrased starting articles, so if anyone wants to rewrite the whole freaking thing, be my welcome guest.

Tanto: Fiddled around with it some.

BlackDrazon: Ah, yes, much better! :)

Kerrah: Can anyone point me out a Warcraft Sequelphobic? I am a part of the fans who hate World of Warcraft, but claiming Warcraft III is similar to the two previous titles is something I'd really like to see with my own eyes.