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  • It isn't so much punishing as it is the fact that Oblivion is simply more difficult than most recent games in that genre. Munchkining makes any game easier, Oblivion just gets more attention from it because it's harder in the first place. That, or you are confused as to what Munchkin means.

Gattsuru: It's not the difficulty in Oblivion (or the earlier Morrowind) that's an issue for the leveling system — the difficulty slider can adapt to pretty much anything (up to sleeping ten levels off at once, which is a Bad Idea). The general frustration is that the leveling system is irritatingly complicated and counter-intuitive, and figuring out the goofed up system is the difference between 3 and 15 stat points per level and even the character's maximum level. Leveling in the munchkin manner requires you to focus on and be best at secondary skills to start with, which really doesn't match the typical gamer's understanding of leveling. Or simply not leveling up. I've met a good share of people who can beat Oblivion on standard difficulty at the highest level their character could reach, but still hated dealing with the leveling system.

Peteman: Can I nominate Star Control's tendency to focus on your ship after winning a battle? I've crashed into multiple planets after that.

32_Footsteps: I took out the part about the roaming Legendaries being Lost Forever if they use Roar on you. Completely not true - rather, a roaming Legendary that uses Roar just runs to a new route. Extremely frustrating, but you can still catch them.

Heroic Jay: You're wrong. I don't know about Gold, Silver, and Crystal, but they ARE lost forever should they Roar in Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Lilfut: I liked Slippy...

Thebobmaster: Um, how can I nominate the writer of the caption with the picture for a Made of Win?