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Ark: I'm new to this so bear with me...

This trope is a little vague and can do with a more in depth definition. I can think of quite a few cases that might fit but am not 100% sure about.

1) Person says a loved one's name when they are in danger/about to die (or so it seems, this is usually the cue for said loved one to make a dramatic enterance and rescue said person.

2) Person screams someone's name because that someone is in danger/about to die.

3) Two people say each other's names due to a out pour of afffection. The two may have just survived a dangerous situation, or they might just be glad they're reunited.

4) One of the people actually didn't survive, and the person who did clutches his friend's/lover's dead body and screams their name in sorrow.

5) Person A screams Person B's name due to pure hatred. Person B may have just done something terrible to Person A (like being responsible for the death in 4). Alternatively, Person A and B might just be arch-enemies, and they both scream each other's names before they clash.

6) At the climax of a story where the situation looks hopeless. The heroic group all say the main hero's name in turn, showing their belief in the hero to be able to turn the tide.

Ununnilium: Took out...

  • Also used in the West, most famous in The DCU where the wizard Shazam told Billy Batson to say his name which calls down the magic lightning to change him into Captain Marvel. This is more Glam Of Shazam, but Billy has always appreciated Shazam's trust in him.

...because it's different; that's not an emotional, dramatic calling of the person, it's By the Power of Grayskull!.

((32_Footsteps)): This might be a bit more obscure, but this had appeared in the United States as early as 1990 in video gaming. The NES game Ninja Gaiden II had a scene in which the protagonist and the love interest do this three or four times consecutively, and the two characters in question did this a few other times in cut scenes through the game.

Shay Guy: Does the instance at the end of Kim Possible's third season count? With Ron and Drakken? It's more an instance of a Running Gag, or at least a reference to one, but it seems to fit.

Shire Nomad:
  • I'm not completely sure this fits, but the entire point of The NeverEnding Story was that the protagonist had to think up a name for The Childlike Empress.
It doesn't really; it's more of a Words Can Break My Bones, and I moved the mention there.

Scientivore: I'm incredibly disappointed that this trope is based on emo anime. Something's wrong when I'm the one who has to add the American Pie reference.

Phartman: And of course, nobody added Titanic here, and Predator was actually listed fourth under Badass Blink. Nihongoloids don't diversify much when it comes to entertainment, I guess. There are tons of Anime Tropes listed that aren't unique to anime.

Shay Guy: I've noticed innumerable situations in anime, and ONLY in anime, when two characters are together, one character is saying something dramatic, the other character (often a romantic interest) says the first one's name, and the first continues with whatever they were saying. The weird thing is, as far as I can tell, the second one never seems to have any intent of actually saying anything. I can imagine the perfect Lampshade Hanging: "Yes?" "Huh?" "What is it?" ", go on."

Is that this trope, or separate enough to be taken to YKTTW?

Denis Moskowitz: I think it's just an idiom of Japanese conversation - you're supposed to nod and agree and such a little bit as someone tells you something. It doesn't actually mean you're interrupting or even that you agree with them, it's just a polite way to show you're listening.

Prfnoff: Cut this quote:
Bane: "You've got NOTHING! Beg for mercy! SCREAM MY NAME!!!!"
Batman: "Never."
Bane: "You are beaten. Now, I will BREAK YOU!!!"

Can'tRememberMyName: What about Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer? The climactic sequence involved Moroboshi saying a name.

This trope needs some cleaning up, badly. There are least two different tropes being listed here: characters shouting another character's name loudly/repeatedly (sort of a This Is Sparta with names?) and examples of a character shouting "Say my name! Say it!" regardless of whether their name actually gets said. The later seems like enough of a Stock Phrase that it deserves its own page. I'd recommend splitting those examples off, naming them Say My Name and renaming this one to...something else. Thoughts?