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Janitor: How do the names of series serve as examples? Is it like "See this series, then talk to me."?

I would rather talk right now.

Cassius335: Quick Clarification; In Digimon Frontier, before the end of the series only Takuya ever got home...for one episode... and in Digimon form (Flaremon). Other than that, the cast were stuck in their Digital World all series.

Ununnilium: Taking it out, then.

Tamsin: But they're still saving both worlds in Frontier, aren't they? The penultimate episode ends with the Big Bad trying to break into the real world, posting "Follow me or die" messages on all the computer screens of Shibuya.

Ununnilium: ...okay, someone who's actually seen the series fix the entry. @@

Cameoflage: This seems fairly similar to the plot of "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday" from New Who, but it's got enough differences that I'm not completely sure that belongs here...

Draco Dei: Seems to me "The One" starring Jet Li might qualify as an example of this trope.