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Cut This

Sansa wasn't anyone's love interest, nor was her characterization weak. Wrong trope.
Why was the title here changed ? Is it now policy to deny the underlying sexism of the trope , considering that even now male love interests tend to have actual characterization /development ?

Civanfan: First off, let me congratulate you for overcoming your blindness in order to use the Internet in general and this site in particular. How else could you miss the numerous male examples scattered about fiction in general and specifically upon this page? Don't worry though, soon they'll be a lot easier to see, since their number will surely increase now that the trope has been renamed to something less sexist than one which merely focuses upon one gender.


Orihime Deleted this:

Smells less like SFLI and more like Die for Our Ship bashing full of Het Is Ew and Real Women Never Wear Dresses crap. As a diehard Gokudera/Tsuna fangirl who loves Kyoko to death, I'm sick of this shit: if you wanna put Kyoko back on, leave your couple biases out of it, kthxbai.

—- D Master: Am I the only one who thinks the title is a little misleading? At first when I read this title, I thought "shallow" meant that they themselves were shallow in perspective, not character. Personally, I think something like "BLAND Love Interest" might make more sense; it still means the same thing, and states the intention of the trope upfront.