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Emperor Steele: Cutlisted, hm? It says the trope overlaps with "Yes Virginia", except in this case, it's the opposite: Bob isn't trying to disprove Santa's existence, he's just surprised when he turns out to be right after telling someone else that Santa does exist (if he finds out, anyway)

This is less of a trope about Santa being real and more of a trope about how many times the IDEA of him being real/not real is subverted within a single plot.

Prfnoff: Then why did you list the Trope Namer of Yes, Virginia as an example which "could be the epitome of this trope"? Most of the examples don't seem to fit the description you've given, which would be a subtrope of Accidental Truth. (The Plastic Man example is listed under Real After All, "Things in Sleighs" department.)

Emperor Steele: Because I don't know whether or not the editor got a visit from Santa or not. See, that's the main key: If Santa doesn't actually exist, or never read the article, then it wouldn't be a complete example of the trope. It's just -close-. And the example probably needs to be made more generic, it's a bit too specific =.