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Thunder Phoenix: If the "Truth in Television" line wasn't there, I would have added "If any ACTUAL teacher behaved in the ways these fictional instuctors do, the Board of Education would have them sacked within a matter of weeks". Guess some people have had different experiences with the world of education than I have.

Lale: Oh, yeah. I remember during an episode of SVU when Huang explains, "Victims of bullying are often social outcasts. School officials typically identify with 'the normal kids,' and the victims are seen as being overly sensitive," I thought, My middle school experience in a nutshell.

Nautilus PQ: Should this be a Webcomic trope? It seems overly general.
Looney Toons: Just in case it isn't terribly obvious, I moved the entire "Real Life" section to Sadist Teacher in Troper Tales.
phantomreader42:Would John Freshwater fall into this? He's a teacher in Ohio currently in the midst of termination hearings. The part of the problem his defenders like to play up is that he was using his public school class time to promote his religion (IE illegally teaching creationism and lying about science), and they're just pretending it's part of a vast Darwinist conspiracy to sap and impurify his precious bodily fluids. What they try to sweep under the rug is that he burned crosses into student's arms!. The motive may not be sadism per se, but he is obviously a dangerous religious nut who causes harm to the children in his care.
Some Guy: Somebody added a random snipe against teachers' unions. Guys, take your political complaints elsewhere. Don't drag the teachers' union into this. Especially since we don't know who they're in solidarity with right now.

Violet Strange: We're still allowed to complain about the tenure system that helps the psychopath to continue his or her reign of terror, right?
Copper Alloy: Sadist Teacher is the answer to Drill Sergeant Nasty? I think not! A Drill Sergeant Nasty is to prepare a soldier for military service, a necessary evil perhaps. A Sadist Teacher destroys educations and ruins lives, and all of them should be, or should have been, strung up. We've got to find a better way to phrase this, or remove the sentence entirely. Stern Teacher is more along the lines of the Drill Sergeant Nasty.
Heartlessmushroom: I think this trope needs a rename. "The Trunchbull" is shorter and sounds cooler