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Silent Hunter is of the firm opinion that the series was a lot better in the early days, when the characters of Drell and Libby were still in it.

Ross N: Libby certainly, but Drell? I think its height were the second and third seasons myself.

Barratsoss: Drell only got four episodes in season one. And yes, the show had very high quality in seasons one to three, and started to get worse with increasing speed afterwards - four a bit weaker but still enjoyable, with five the makers seemed to start hating the audience, six got even worse, and with seven it was pure torture.

Regarding Bare Your Midriff

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Barratsoss: Which "every other episode" are we talking about here ? Sure revealing outfits where commonplace in the show - deep necklines, bare shoulders etc. But I only remember one instance where the navel is shown in ordinary clothing - in the episode of the first season where Sabrina and her friends meet that rockband "Violent Femmes" and the Aunts transform into teenagers to accompany Sabrina. Sabrina there gives the Aunts new outfits and Aunt Zelda gets one that actually Bare Your Midriff, about which she immediately complaints. I cannot remember Sabrina, Valerie or anyone else ever wearing an outfit that bares her midrift, though.

I am also not sure how to decide someone is a Hot Mom - while both Aunts have romances, they are mostly on the humorous side and not really implying they are considered especially attractive to the male gender.

Regarding Flanderization

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  • Flanderization (to a regular degree within the show itself, but also from the pilot to the show; in the movie Harvey is smart enough to be writing ethics papers for upperclassmen, but in the show he often seems dumber than a box of rocks.)

Barratsoss: The movie was a lot different in a large number of aspects, including magic worked completely different (no pointing of fingers, for example), large parts of the cast, and the story was completely incompatible to the show. Therefore comparing one aspect from the movie with the show isnt really a valid point.