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Narwhal: In MUGEN, I honestly doubt that Omega Tom Hanks, Zeeky H. Bomb, and Cheap Boss Type should be here-while they're tough, they're intended to be nigh-unkillable and were created as jokes, not honest-to-goodness characters. Cheap Boss Type's name even explicitly states that he's meant to be ridiculously cheap and unkillable as a sort of satire of the usual SNK Boss.

Azukar: Dunno about anyone else here, but my housemate and I between us have defeated Jinpachi on the hrdest setting with every character, including Mokujin and the other unlockables. He's hard, sure, but I don't know if he rates as SNK Boss material...

Zyborg22: I know this is my first time writing anything here, but I had to point out some things about the examples in this article. Onslaught from Marvel vs. Capcom, Apocalypse from X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and Cyber Akuma from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter are all listed as unplayable in the SNK Boss examples. All of these characters are playable in their respective games (at least in most versions) without a cheating device. Similarily, both boss and non-boss versions of M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha 3 are playable (in most versions), also without a cheating device. I can find faqs from Gamefaqs that tell how to unlock these characters if you want proof.

Ununnilium: Well, then, edit it in! ^_^

From Tola: and his Shun Goku Satsu was unblockable and an instant kill.

When did it stop being unblockable? It counts as a throw. Unless you weren't able to hit him out of for him becoming 'fairer': well, I'd say it's his becoming a playable character that did it. Of course, there's still the 'Shin' versions that are still avalible for your cheap boss needs...

Ultimatum479: Got rid of the Marvel v Capcom crossover stuff. Those bosses are far too pathetically easy to be considered SNK Bosses. Cyber Akuma is the only one who even lands a hit with any frequency.

AKK: And even HE falls to the almighty Dan Hibiki, with his "infinite"(on the CPU) uppercut throw. Dan THE MAN indeed.
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  • said adventure mode, anyway. In Boss Battle mode, you only have one life, and all the damage you take in the fights is cumulative, with a limited number of heals between battles. Let the fun begin.
  • It's easier to dodge in Brawl than it is in any Street Fighter, so unless you're inept at dodging (in which case you really need to watch the tutorial again, you newb), there's no excuse. Even with just one character in Boss Battles Tabuu isn't outright impossible to beat - you just have to catch the warnings.

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  • A Japanese imageboard took it upon themselves to make a Mugen game starring practically all their memes; as you may have guessed, insanity ensues. Still, nothing can prepare you for the final boss, Hato Sabure. To start, it's what appears to be a giant chocolate peep with Glowing Eyes Of Doom. Who can fly via a jet engine and drop on you For Massive Damage, randomly counter physical blows by knocking you to the other side of the room, and is an absolute master of projectile spam-it has eye lasers, bombs, missiles, and fireballs, which all fire out of mechanical hatches that appear from its body. Fortunately, as with the rest of these bosses, the wide variety of characters allows a huge amount of ways of beating him to death-this troper suggests using Noroko if you go against him.

First, where can I download this game? Second, does it include Uboa?

Heh Man: 1. 2. No it doesn't include Uboa.
Keyln: Is Chaos from Final Fantasy Dissidia really a SNK boss? I mean, while he is more powerful than any of the other characters in the game, that makes him more Final Boss material, but not necessarily SNK boss material. Every single one of his attacks can be blocked or dodged, and he can be outleveled or outstated (Whoo new word) for an easy win. While he does have three forms, with each form faster and stronger than the previous, it's not that much different than most other Final Fantasy games (or any other game for that matter) where the boss has multiple forms.

X2X: Is it possible for "SNK Boss Syndrome" to redirect this page? I've actually seen the term used as many times as (if not more than) "SNK Boss" in various places and quite a few pages across TV Tropes have a several Tropers trying to use the aforementioned words to link to this page.