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(but not really being at all accurate about)

Yoink! Justifying Edit!

That Other 1 Dude: Do you know how much someone has to have their head up their ass to claim a game is actually going out of it's way to be less fun. And was there really a point in putting this on display in the discussion? That's also not a Justifying Edit, it's a disagreement.

Tanto: ...which nevertheless doesn't belong in the main page, much less as an addition to a page quote. I mean, I'm not too fond of Yahtzee, but c'mon.

Also, deleting discussion is a no-no.

Ununnilium: As well, it's not actually saying that he said that about the game. For all you know, he could have been talking about it as something No More Heroes didn't do.

Later: why was it taken out?

  • "Tedious"? It's the thing This Troper most wants to do with a long-range attacker, and the games won't let her! What's the point of being a long-range attacker in a melee world if you can't fight things while they're far enough away to not hurt you?? Hide so they can't tell where you shot from? Shoot from places they can't get to? World of Warcraft even cheats to ensure that I can't gain the advantage: Enemies know instantly which way you shot from, run up and down sheer cliffs to get at you, and perfectly evade every shot you throw at them when you're in a place they can't get to. Why can't I shoot fish in a barrel? Why??!!

Dalantia: ...well, a response is that there's generally a reason that MM Os don't hand out god mode... Maybe there's a trope marked Rule Of Challenge somewhere.