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Phartman: If tropers really need to soapbox, it's always better to keep it here in the discussion page. Thanks for putting this one up, True.

Lale: Do all wikis have these? Discussion pages, that is.

Phartman: A lot are still empty, but anybody can start one at any time.

Man Called True: No problem, Phartman. I kicked this one around in my head for a long time before now.
Tanto: I disagree with everything written here. Pistols, at dawn.

Phartman: As the one whom the challenge is issued to, I invoke the right to choose the weapons: I choose frozen tuna!
do you think we should have examples of when 99 percent of the wiki didn't agree?

Seth: If that many people disagreed with a choice it simply wouldn't happen. Consensus (tweaked by seniority) rules here.

Fast Eddie: First, I respectfully disagree with Seth that seniority has anything to with anything. Eloquence and clarity carry the day. Second, I tweaked it a bit from MNT's original take to (I think) clarify that there are no ruling opinions beyond the hope of a fun read. For example, there is pretty clear case made that the American President enjoys an uneven reception even among Tropers, but trying to resolve that down to a common viewpoint sharable by the vast majority is pointless, dull, ans doomed.

Big T: Does this really need to be in Truth in Television? Because, if so, we need to add it there, so the index bar isn't blank.

Cheat-master30 (2): Added it to Truth in Television so the index bar isn't blank.

itsmeyouidiot: "Ninty-nine percent of those in the wiki are not looking for a fight?" Yes we are!

*Chirping Crickets*