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— The Tomb of Horrors module referenced several times as the epitome of this trope was never intended to be played in a real game. It was a tournament module, where one would be handed a premade character and had to get as many points as possible in a specific amount of time, at a convention. It did indeed have several instant and near instant death opportunities right at the beginning, starting with a door closing and trapping the characters in one of the two false entrances; the second one had a literal 'rocks fall everyone dies' as the web covered ceiling would collapse if the webs were burned off. All of the S series modules (Tomb of Horrors, White Plume Mountain and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks) were teeming with instant deaths in descending order of likeliness. For a TRUE RFED experience, the [Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun] is your man. It WAS intended as an in-line module for high level characters, and includes such fun as if you aren't wearing the right outfit when you enter the final room, you die, mourners please omit flowers. Azaram

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  • This troper wish to add that the preditement that Eric (the player) found himself in be due to the language barrier. Eric name (Eric Sorrensen, possibly Erik Sörrensen) sugest him of beeing either Swedeish, Norweigan or Danish(As this tropers is). The result is of course that english becomes a second language. And when you are attempting to speak a second language you will sooner or later come across a word that you do not know. I didn't know what a gazebo where before looking it up... These things can be tricky.

...Because true or not, it's a damn funny story, period. It doesn't need a politically correct Justifying Edit.

The Wanderer: Just wanted to make a suggestion about maybe using an image that gets the spirit of the trope across a little more immediately rather than literally following the name. I came across this image recently and wondered if anyone thought it would make a good page image.

CapnAndy: Someone's been editing recently, claiming that Something Positive being the Trope Namer is incorrect and "perhaps" it dates back to Tomb of Horror. Anyone got anything definitively predating Something Positive's usage of the term? And no, having rocks fall and everyone dying doesn't count, it has to be "Rocks fall, everyone dies" being said as the GM kills the entire party for pissing him/her off. I'm pretty damn sure SP coined that phrase, is my point.

Dausuul: Agree with Capn Andy; whoever made this edit doesn't understand what a Trope Namer is. It's not the first observed instance of the trope - it's the first instance of the trope's given name being used to describe it. Restored credit to Something*Positive as the Trope Namer, with a few weasel words just to be safe.

Slatz Grobnik: Continued the fix. The trouble is the literal name of this trope isn't this trope.