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Kimiko Muffin: What's the screenshot from?

Servbot: Nanoha

Sparrowhawk: ...wait a minute, that's a pretty big spoiler right there. Although it's not an earth-shaking reveal when it does happen.

Servbot: Good thing the face is covered and the clothes are burned off then.

Pikawil: I dunno myself, I'd say that any monkey who has watched even just watched the first episode of StrikerS while paying attention to the clothing could just look at the top part and tell that's you-know-who. But whatever.

GG Crono: E-cookies to whoever wrote the bit about Nanoha and pamphlets. I lol'd. :)

Nobodymuch: There was a Star Trek RPG scenario for a one-shot game where Captain Kirk and crew discover that they are android copies created by one of the computers who pretended to be destroyed by the real Kirk to get him to go away.

Haven: Why was the AFH example replaced by a link to a random entry on some coding blog? o.o