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Japanese Teeth: Is there any particular reason that this has a "subjective trope" header thing above the article? This one seems to be pretty objective to me...
Marionette: What, no mention of Key the Metal Idol? One of the main questions running through the series is whether or not Key is actually a robot.

Dark Sasami: (although, like the character in this picture, visible mechanical joints are another dead giveaway)... There is no picture here.
Citizen: Darn. Here I was looking for an excuse to post some Chachamaru dolljoints, and Robot Girl is already taken. I was going to post the pic in Artificial Human, but that's not a correct page. The suggestion.
Nobodymuch: I note that the robot boyfriend has shown up in a couple of shoujo manga that I've seen and he has a lot in common with the Robot Girl.
CarrerCrytharis: How about Olympia, from The Sandman by ETA Hoffmann?
Nibbles: This does seem skewed towards the anime Robot Girl type, although as the page itself says, it is a lot more common in that setting. Then again, Western media has its own version that comes up reasonably often.