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Evil Cat launched as Right-Hand Cat: From YKTTW

Ununnilium: More detail on Gary Seven and Isis, please.

Scrounge: My memory's a little fuzzy on this, I had to look up the cat's name, and I only remember that Gary Seven turned out to be a good guy... I'll leave it to someone more Trek-inclined.

Geoffrey: It's a little unfair to categorize Austin Powers as "straight". This is clearly a parody of James Bond; the fact that Dr. Evil has a pet is simply a parody of Blofield in the Bond movies. Likewise, Inspector Gadget is a parody.

Lale: But they never pointed it out, played with it, or twisted it like the other examples. The difference I was going for was "straight up villain with a straight up pet cat" in one category and "everything else" in another. Have a better way to word it?
Will: Before James Bond, back in the original book of The Hundred And One Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil was notable for having a white Persian cat, as opposed to the heroic dog-loving Dearlys. Of course when they actually met the cat, Pongo and Mrs found she was actually a nice person (we had already learned of Cruella's drowning of her kittens - as if that woman needed extra puppy-kicking credentials). She then joined the dogs in wrecking Cruella's private fur collection. That was 1956 and Blofeld's own white Persian cat didn't come in until the films.

Medinoc: And also, I this example really for the "straight" list, given the cat's true alignment ?

Solo Jones: Does the Oot S example really belong in here? Shojo did have a cat, but he wasn't a villan at all. Something of a Magnificent Bastard, but not evil.

J. Random Troper: does anyone have a copy of "Demon Lord of Karandra" that's willing to track down the ' "the Orb could write my name in stars. No! That's not a suggestion! (To Zakath) Wouldn't that look hideous? 'Belgarion' stretched across the sky." Zakath looks ill.' dialogue? I haven't read the thing in years, that's the closest paraphrase I can remember. It may be superfluous, but it's also one of those brilliant bits of writing.
Caswin: Which Bond villains besides Blofeld had white fluffy cats?