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HeartBurn Kid: Mega Man 9 is not an NES game. It has NES-style graphics, sound, and gameplay, but it is not designed for NES hardware. The game even has downloadable content, fercryinoutloud.
Ray Ayanami: Deleted. Just because a game replicates more classical gameplay doesn't mean it falls under this trope; it also needs to replicate the visual and audio style of previous-gen games, which Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid don't. Otherwise, every Beat 'em Up and 2D game made in the 21st century, regardless of its looks would be on this page. (I'm letting 1943: Joint Strike pass because it's a different kind of Retraux.)
Isn't "Retraux" a little redundant? Retro already means to imitate or emulate the style of something from the past. In other words, technically every time someone calls Space Invaders a "retro" game they're probably wrong.
Yes, "retro" does not mean "old". This page should be renamed or deleted.
Kudos Force: Methinks that "vintage" would be a better term to use.
Prfnoff: I have no idea how true this vague generalization is, so I took it out:
  • I'm sure that just about any movie based on a true story from over ten years ago has a few moments of this, if not the entire movie.

Kudos Force: I think that I may have come up with the perfect replacement title for this trope: " The Fauxldies" (a portmanteau of "faux" and "oldies"). How about that?