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  • "Heated" is not the word to put to Byakuya. He almost always sounds bored, even when mocking Ichigo's small Bankai.
    • Heated in the sense of the intensity of the rivalry, (Ichigo loathed Byakuya for a long time, and Ichigo is probably the only person who has ever managed to get under Byakuya's skin), not anything else.

  • I would say that Beast Boy was more red than blue.

Conversation in the Main Page.

  • The Wanderer: I cut this bit: "* Blue oni are the inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons's ogre mage." because at best it's completely unsubstantiated speculation on the part of the writer.
    • Cynthia Wakefield: Absolutely correct. Oni are clearly the inspiration for the ogre mage, but there's no evidence anywhere that the writer of that Monster Manual entry had any idea about the concept of colored oni one way or another.

  • Cynthia Wakefield: Someone had tagged the Neon Genesis Evangelion example of Misato and Ritsuko as citing a non-canon incident in a Warhammer 40k fanfic as an example. The incident in question isn't from a fanfic, it's directly out of Episode 7 of the series and very much canon.

Sean Tucker: Why did Vegeta And Kakarot get merged with this? It's a very specific subtrope relating to situations where the red oni wants to Take Over the World (OF COURSE!) or kill the blue oni, but there's constantly others attempting to beat him to the punch, so the two are in an enforced Enemy Mine situation.
  • Yeah, pretty f'n lame as we even have arguments against Goku/Kakarott and Vegeta in the examples section. You can't merge it then argue that the merged people AREN'T the trope. Sigh...