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Tabby: Been years since I saw either the original Stargate or the show. What's the "unexplained visual"?

Kendra Kirai: When Ra got blowed up real good by the nuclear bomb in his face, he had an appearance vaguely similar to that of a very large (Regular human-sized) Asgard, or perhaps a slightly less humanoid 'Unas' except a little scalier. The implication being that that was the true form of the Goa'uld.

Wasn't Bewitched also a (pretty successful) adaptation of a movie?

Haven: Casablanca!? 'How?!

fleb: Considering something for the pagequote:

"No, there won't be a sequel. But there will be a TV series and merchandise as far into the future as you can imagine."
--Mel Gibson/John Smith from Jokahontas,