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Scifantasy: Lucas? Popularized the Director's Cut? You must be joking. (Besides, whatever you may think of the Star Wars Special Edition, not enough was changed to be a Director's Cut. One extra scene and some new SFX do not a Re-Cut make.)

Ridley Scott and Blade that was a Director's Cut.

In this troper's humble opinion, the name of this trope should be changed to Han Shot First; it's gotta be the most common example.
  • on second thought, that title is sort of opposite to the spirit of this, so I'll redirect instead.

. The "I'm a Pig!" shot was in the trailers for "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" but not in the theater version ... is there a trope for bits in trailers but cut from release?

also, how many versions of Abel Gance's Napoleon are there?