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Don Quigleone: Cherubino in the marriage of figaro was actually originally intended to be played by a castrati, however they no longer exist (for rather obvious reasons) which is why women are used instead, so it's not really recursive cross dressing(not originally anyway) I have removed the reference, though if someone objects they may reinstate it

Micah: The original Cherubino was played by Dorotea Bussani, a mezzo. I'm reinstating it.

[1]: For no good reason at all, I just wanted to say that "collapse into a singularity of androgyny" may be the funniest sentence I have ever read.

Ettina: Should we split this into two tropes? It sounds like two different situations - one is when a character is engaged in recursive crossdressing, and the other is when the actor is doing recursive crossdressing and the character is just simply crossdressing. Eg, Shakespeare's female characters dressed as guys would be type 2.