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RealSindri: I don't want to start a flame war, that's why I want to know your opinion before I edit the article: Don't you think Hitler's whole way of speaking is one big narm-moment?

Phartman: I don't like to be a hardass, but M*A*S*H was set during the Korean War, not 'Nam.

Fast Eddie: Nothing in the article said anything about M*A*S*H, anonymous person. Check yer meds. Woops. My bad. didn't follow the link.

Mister Six: Damn. I knew I should've checked that one. Thanks, hardass!
Tanto: Placing this entry in More Like a Footnote than Anything Else may well be the single funniest thing in the long and storied history of things.

Mister Six: Aw, thanks. I just wish I'd done it intentionally. :P
Apparently, back in the fifties (even before I was born, I'm afraid, but you can still find some of it on DVD's or sometimes they show some of it on the History Channel) some of this was actually set in the Korean War, even before "MASH" decided to use that setting. A number of characters from that period are still in it today. So I think that we have to say that in fact "surviving the Korean War" IS something that happens in "Real Life". It is also interesting how "Real Life" was the first to use many, if not most, of the standard historical settings before other media picked them up and improved them so much. I also think you should mention how long "Real Life" has run, it's really rather impressive.—KEVP

Gemmifer: I pulled out "Flanderization: During the lead up to the World War Two arc, the Germans were flanderized from a nationalistic but well-meaning people to a ruthlessly evil empire, throwing out a lot of the series' trademark moral ambiguity on the way." because, as a German I take offense at the notion that Germans are, or ever were, evil as a people.

It says "ruthlessly evil empire". Are you going to say that the WWII German Empire (well, the attempt at one) was not evil? Or are you just not very good at reading comprehension?

Lord Seth: I'm trying to think of a good example for a Wall Banger, but the ones I think of are either kind of controversial (like, say, the re-election of George Bush) or seem like borderline Dead Baby Comedy (for example, I could list the Holocaust, but that seems like exploiting a tragedy for a laugh). Any suggestions?

Haven: Maybe "some characters have this reaction to the Shows Within The Show"? but I'm not fond of that construction. Although from the point of view of someone watching Real Life as a show, you'd see a lot of aborted arcs and shaggy dog stories, which would certainly be Wall Banger s. I unno.
Jonn: I think the page for the webcomic Real life should just be Real Life, much like the comic book and film versions of Iron Man are distinct. I've noticed that to comic doesn't have a page, due to title conflict with the Real Life page.

Sockman: i don't understand which people are described here "and even the Crazy Awesome Mad Scientist from the Restoration Arc (and his later counterparts in the World War I and World War II storylines) is still considered important."

Igordebraga: If Restoration = Renaissance, Da Vinci. Einstein is one of the two remaining. Who the third might be? Nosferatu5: In my humble opinion, the WWII guy is Einstein and the WWI guy is Nikola Tesla. However, I am not quite sure.

High Five: Is Crapsack World really "the default setting for most of the human race"? Geez.

Regarding poaching... as a chronically unemployed person who has faced the possibility of homelessness in a strange city and had to go hungry once or twice so his pets didn't have to, I can certainly sympathize with the downtrodden whose only real option for survival is poaching, it doesn't make it any better, but I can sympathize with almost, if not as much as I sympathize with the animals. Needless to say, it's the people who drive the demand and actually profit from poachign whom my ire and hatred are truely directed towards.
Praetyre: Cut the ill-researched Blessed with Suck entry on autism. It's, at best, ignorant Flanderization of a serious mental disorder.
Killer Clowns: Somebody who reckons themselves a writer should seriously consider writing a satirical review for Real Life. Do it well enough, you'll likely earn a Made of Win or two.

Shay Guy: There's a positive one here.
Examples are based on The Bible used as an example in The Real World are invoked or discussed tropes and should be specified as such. Satan, for example has been credited with much but hasn't actually done anything with certainty, including making an actual appearance (as himself). Plenty of others qualify as Big Bads, though.
Insanity Prelude: I heard this got cutlisted? I'm just here to defend it as something I got quite a few laughs out of... Oh, they were talking about the Wall Bangers page for it. Nevermind then.
Kuruni: I say, referrence to God in non-comical way should be forbidden in Real Life.

Shay Guy: Don't flamebait. And "exist" is grammatically incorrect.
Esoteric Mouse: Dealing with the example for Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, I do not believe the reply is sensible in using protons/neutrons/electrons; while matter is constructed from protons, neutrons, and electrons, they do not have a rock > scissors > paper > rock arrangement. Matter is composed of all three, and protons don't beat electrons, if you will. Any objections to removing it? -Haven't heard any; doing so.