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Me and a friend used to call this stuff Dental Floss Of Doom, in anime settings. Just thought it would make a good alt title. -Thingus

Kilyle: Dunno about cutting myself with floss, but I've managed to bloody my fingers while trying to tie roller skates tight. This being at the beginning of my skating hobby, a long time before I switched to inlines, and a long time before I really knew anyone at the rink... I distinctly recall telling the teenage/early-twenty boys who worked behind the skate counter that they needed better laces because these types of laces had cut me, and I even more distinctly recall them laughing it off with comments about me being, well, to put it mildly, "delicate". This despite the fact that their customer was standing there bleeding from almost all of her fingers over the simple act of trying to tighten her laces.

BTIsaac: Changed the introduction, especially the first paragraph, which treated this trope with more than a little edge, was written in a rather ironic tone, and seemingly singled out anime as the only place something like this would occur, which is by the way contradicted by the various Real Life examples and Troper tales. I also added one more paragraph pointing out that the trope is part Truth in Television. Someone who's better in composing articles and expressing themselves should review it.