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Working Title: Raygun Gothic: From YKTTW

Nate The Great: I'd like to put Captain Proton (Star Trek: Voyager) on the list, but he's a direct parody of Flash Gordon, and Flash isn't on the list. Is there a reason for this?

Meta Four: Mostly because I couldn't figure out what media category to put Flash Gordon under.

Eric DVH: What about Buck Godot and Schlock Mercenary?
Meta Four: Trimmed the Lileks quote a bit to save space. Just in case, here's the full quote:
You know how you put your hand out the window when you were going fast, and undulated it up and down like a dolphin, riding the oncoming wind? The future felt like that. The future was a chrome-trimmed triangular window in the front of dad’s car, and it had its own knob to open it up. The future was a hamburger under a light fixture that looked like an atom. The future was going to be awesome.
James Lileks, The Bleat, October 31, 2008

Licky Lindsay: this might be one of the longest pages with no anime examples.. which is weird for any trope, but specially odd for this one.
Latw PIAT: I disagree on the redirect from Diesel Punk. To my knowledge, Diesel Punk is less about flying cars and spaceships, and more about large, smoke-spewing diesel engines powering gunmetal-grey machines with more chains, Gatling guns, Nazis, Russians and Zeppelins than you can shake a stick at.

Lions Phil: Agree—Raygun Gothic isn't Punk at all, it's happy, shiny, Amazing Atom-ic World Of Tomorrow. If anything Diesel Punk would be better redirected to Steam Punk, "recycled...WITH LIQUID HYRDOCARBONS!"

Twin Bird: Does 2001 really belong? It came off as very 20 Minutes into the Future-ish to me...nothing really outlandish until the Mind Screw at the end.