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Rape Equals Gay launched as Rape and Switch: From YKTTW

Fast Eddie: "Without discussion" is not grounds for a cut. Looks like it just needs some other examples.

Citizen: Quite a bit of discussion, actually; the page creator just never launched it, though, because they weren't sure of the discussion and didn't feel like adding anybody else's examples. Launching/adding it now

Katsuhagi: This is better, so consider the cut request withdrawn.

Insanity Prelude: So that's where the "tent pegs" thing comes from. I'd heard about that interview, but could never track down an actual quote.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: We now have sufficient examples to prove this is a trope. Keep it.

Praetyre: For certain reasons, I would strongly advise keeping this to examples of adult characters being turned homosexual as the result of rape.

Skarmory The PG: Why Rape and Switch? It has exactly nothing to do with Bait-and-Switch. How about, oh, Rape Em Straight?

I was squicked to find a real life example of the missing category, someone facing trial for forcing a (juvenile) male into sex with a woman for fear he is gay, is it appropriate to mention this or not?